2013 Certificate of Excellence Recipients


 Thank you to all the committee members and judges who sacrificed their time to make this competition possible. Congratulations to all the Certificate of Excellence recipients. The winners will be announced at the awards banquet in Irving, Texas on November 3. Good luck.

I.1 – Monthly Magazine – National

Ellen Price, ed.  Pet Sitter’s World

Susan Logan, ed.  Cat Fancy

I.2 – Magazine Article – Health & General Care

Dusty Rainbolt  “Warning Signs”

Helen Jablonski “Healthy Teeth for Life”

Fran Pennock Shaw “No Two Alike”

Fran Pennock Shaw “Life-saving Science”

Sharon Eisen, DVM “What’s Bugging Your Cat?”

Arna Cohen – “Junk in the Trunk: Help Your Fat Cat Dump His Spare Tire”

Andrea Dorn “Harder Than it Looks”

Arnold Plotnick, DVM “Keeping Kittens Healthy”

Gary Norsworthy, DVM “A New Look at Vaccines and Sarcomas”

I.3 – Magazine Article – Behavior & Training

Fran Pennock Shaw “More Than Fun”

Ramona Marek “Body Talk”

Arna Cohen “Litter-ly Speaking”

Debbie Swanson  “Your Cat’s Amazing Senses”

Susan Ewing “The Power of Play”

Thomas Mahoney “Mysterious Slumber”

I.4 – Magazine Article – Rescue

Cimeron Morrissey “What’s One Week? Confessions of a reluctant foster parent”

Jim Baker “Life in the Fast Lane”

Jacqueline Munera “Set Up Cats in the Shelter for Success”

Jacqueline Munera “Enrichment for Cats in the Shelter: What the heck does that
actually mean?”

Helen Jablonski  “Last Chance for Love”

Janiss Garza “TNR Super Star”

Nancy Peterson “Better With Age”

Nancy Peterson “Talking TNR”

Nancy Peterson “Yes, In Our Backyard”

I.5 – Magazine Article – Any Other Topic

Dusty Rainbolt “Finding Your Purr-fect Love”

Helen Jablonski  “Loaded with Personality”

Kim Thornton “A Green Solution for Cheetahs”

Ingrid King “Healing Purrs”

Sandy Robins  “Nurture True Nature”

Arna Cohen “Anything But Ordinary: The dazzling spectrum of feline colors
and patterns”

I.6 – Magazine Column

Cimeron Morrissey – “Cat Champions”

Cimeron Morrissey – “Foster Focus”

Nancy Peterson “Catty Corner”

Steve Dale “The CATalyst”

II.1 – Newspaper Article – Health & General Care

Fran Pennock Shaw “Just More of Me to Love?”

Fran Pennock Shaw “Mosquitoes and Ticks and Fleas Oh My!”

II.2 – Newspaper Article – Behavior & Training

No Entries

II.3 – Newspaper Article – Rescue

No Entries

II.4 – Newspaper Article – Any Other Topic

No Entries

II.5 – Newspaper Column

Marci Kladnik  “Catalyst for Cats”

III.1 – Newsletter – Breed Specific

No Entries

III.2 – Newsletter – National Circulation

No Winner

III.3 – Newsletter – Regional or Membership Circulation

Cimeron Morrissey  Cat Tales

Kyle Riser  Alley Cat Mews

III.4 – Newsletter Article – Health & General Care

Kim Thornton “Is It Normal Shedding or Hair Loss?”

Arnold Plotnick  “Research for Cats with CKD”

III.5 – Newsletter Article – Behavior & Training

No Winner

III.6 – Newsletter Article – Rescue

No Winner

III.7 – Newsletter Article – Any Other Topic

Nancy Marano “TNR Is a Success in Albuquerque”

Nancy Marano “Samantha Martin: The Making of an Animal Trainer”

Allie Phillips “The Hierarchy of Anti-Cruelty Laws: Prosecuting the Abuse of Stray and Feral Cats”

Cecelia Martinez “Life Lessons From a Feline Perspective”

Mary Kolencik “Chestnuts Roasting at an Open Show”

III.8 – Newsletter Column

Lauri Henry “Excruciatingly Correct”

Lyn Garson “Technically Speaking”

Nancy Marano “Cat Chat”

IV.1 – Short Story

Beverly Freed “A Cat Out of Time”

IV.2 – Poem

Susan Easterly “B. Notes”

Betsy Stowe “Empty Nest”

IV.3 – Humor

Lisa-Maria Padilla “A New Wool Toy”

Lisa-Maria Padilla “Abyssinian Corporate Promotional Service”

IV.4 – Brochure Pamphlet, Short Publication

No Winner

IV.5 – Annual or Long Publication

No Winner

IV.6 – Opinion Piece, Essay or Editorial

Marci Kladnik “What Should You Believe About Feral Cats?”

Marci Kladnik  “Your Cat, Your Responsibility”

Bernadette Kazmarski “My First Litter”

IV.7 – PR / Humane Education / Press Kits

No Entries

V.1 – Books – Fiction

David Michie  The Dalai Lama’s Cat

Dusty Rainbolt  Death Under the Crescent Moon

 Shirley Rousseau Murphy  Cat Bearing Gifts

V.2 – Books – For Children

No Winner

V.3 – Books – Health & General Care

No Entries

V.4 – Books – Behavior & Training

Amy Shojai  ComPETability: Solving Behavior problems in Your Multi-Cat Household

V.5 – Books – Gift

No Entries

V.6 – Books – Poetry

No Entries

V.7 – Books – Other

Patricia Barey  Julia’s Cats: Julia Child’s Life in the Company of Cats

Catherine Holm  Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time

VI.1 – Video, DVD or TV Production

No Entries

VI.2 – Broadcast, Audio – Any Format

No Winner

VII.1 – Online Magazine, Newsletter

No Winner

VII.2 – Website

No Winner

VII.3 – Online Article – Health & General Care

Dusty Rainbolt “Have a Little Heart(worm)”

Dusty Rainbolt “Grayson the Great”

Dusty Rainbolt “Jabba the Cat”

Ingrid King “Finding a Cat-friendly Vet”

Ingrid King “A Team Approach to Caring for Cats With Cancer”

Sandy Robins “Dealing with Post-Holiday Cat Stress”

JaneA Kelley  “8 Ways to Make Your Senior Cat’s Golden Years Comfortable”

Marci Kladnik “Cat Math: 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Cat Now”

VII.4 – Online Article – Behavior & Training

Dusty Rainbolt “Cat Carrier”

Angie Bailey “6 Ways to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby”

Sandy Robins “Ask the Cat Expert: Morning Mealtime Behavior”

VII.5 – Online Article – Rescue

Cimeron Morrissey “Project Bay Cat Helps San Francisco Bay’s Rock-Dwelling Kitties”

JaneA Kelley “You’ve Probably Adopted a Cat; Has a Cat Ever Adopted You?”

JaneA Kelley “Sara Goldenthal Turns Fearful Cats into Adoptable Pets”

Stacey Ritz “A Bit of Hope”

Elizabeth Jarrell “Thinking Inside the Box”

VII.6 – Online Article – Any Other Topic

Dusty Rainbolt “Kitten Typos & Other Hazards of Being a Cat Writer”

Angie Bailey “5 Ways to Help Your Kids Cope with the Death of a Family Pet”

Angie Bailey “I Don’t Care What You Say: Cat Guys Make the Best Husbands”

Deborah Barnes “Kizmet the Rescue Kitten Gets a New Home” (series)

Christine Michaels “Lion King and the Circle of Love”

Sandy Robins “Paws for a Cause: Feral Cats”

JaneA Kelley “Blogger Peter Wolf Traps and Neuters Feral Cat Myths”

Stephanie Harwin “A 20th Birthday Party to Remember for Wolfie the Cat”

Nancy Boyd “How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter”

VII.7 – Online Column

Angie Bailey  “Kids, Cats, Chaos!”

Amy Shojai “Kitty’s Corner”

VII.8 – Blog: Educational

JaneA Kelley “Paws and Effect” – www.paws-and-effect.com

VII.9 – Blog: Entertainment

Bernadette Kazmarski  “The Creative Cat” – www.thecreativecat.net

VIII.1 – Black & White Photograph (Single)

Layla Morgan Wilde  “Snow Cat”

VIII.2 – Black & White Photography (Series)

Debbie Glovatsky  “Kitty Love for our US Marines”

VIII.3 – Color Photograph (Single)

Lisa Richman “Beautiful Dreamer”

BJ Bangs “Baby Kitty Lenny”

Marci Kladnik  “Ready to Strike”

Debbie Glovatsky “Waffles is More Than Half in the Bag”

Larry Johnson “Looking at You”

VIII.4 – Color Photograph (Series)

Layla Morgan Wilde “The Fog Comes in on Little Cat Feet”

Robin Olson “George and Oh Yeah Others”

Debbie Glovatsky  “Cat-in-the-Bag Recipe”

VIII.5 – Cartoon

Stephanie Piro – “Mistake”

Stephanie Piro – “Quiet”

Stephanie Piro – “Volunteer”

Stephanie Piro  “Foster Mom”

VIII.6 – Illustration (Single)

No Winner

VIII.7 – Illustration (Series)

Bernadette Kazmarski – “Cats After Van Gogh”

Bernadette Kazmarski – “Cranberry Goes to the Block Party”