2013 Muse Medallion Recipients

CWA wishes to thank all the committee members and judges who sacrificed their time to make this competition possible. Congratulations to all of our Muse Medallion recipients. Well done!


I.1 – Monthly National Magazine
Judges comment: “As beautifully organized as the gorgeous cats that continue to grace the pages of this high-quality magazine. The articles cover the full feline encyclopedia and flow nicely, one right into the next.”

Winner: Susan Logan, Cat Fancy

I.2 – Magazine Article – Health & General Care.
Judged comment: “This article draws the reader in with a great lead, dispenses vital information, and delivers a satisfying conclusion. Well done!”

Winner: Arna Cohen, “Junk in the Trunk: Help Your Fat Cat Dump His Spare Tire”, All Animals.

I.3 – Magazine Article – Behavior & Training

Winner: Debbie Swanson, “Your Cat’s Amazing Senses”, Cats USA.

I.4 – Magazine Article – Rescue
Judges comment: “Succinct and to the point, this article should be mandatory reading for all shelters and adopting pet parents. Fabulous work.”

Winner: Helen Jablonski, “Last Chance for Love”, Cat Fancy.

I.5 – Magazine Article – Any Other Topic
Judges comment: “When all articles are well done, something “Extra” must make the work stand out. My top picks entertain educate and intrigue with an accessible voice. Bravo!”

Winner: Helen Jablonski, “Loaded with Personality”, Cat Fancy.

Judges comment: “I love this article! It’s appropriate, applicable, interesting accurate AND humorous – a great read!”

Winner: Sandy Robins, “Nurture True Nature”, Cat Fancy.

I.6 – Magazine Column
Judges comment: “This category was all winners, but this writer’s columns are filled with a special warmth, heart and feeling of service, which deserve extra recognition.”

Winner: Cimeron Morrissey, “Cat Champions”, Cat Fancy.


II.1 – Newspaper Article – Health & General Care
Judges comment: “Solid reporting, great quotes and experts cited, controversy well addressed. Great Content!”

Winner: Fran Pennock Shaw, “Just More of Me to Love?”, Intelligencer Journal / Lancaster New Era.

II.2 – Newspaper Article – Behavior & Training
No entries

II.3 – Newspaper Article – Rescue
No entries

II.4 – Newspaper Article – Any Other Topic
No entries

II.5 – Newspaper Column
Judges comment: “This writer presented a nice collection of columns highlighting different feline issues.”

Winner: Marci Kladnik, “Catalyst for Cats”, Santa Ynez Valley News.


III.1 – Newsletter – Breed Specific
No entries

III.2 – National Circulation
No winner

III.3 – Newsletter – Regional or Membership Circulation
Judges comment: “Cat Tales provides a nice mix of practical information targeted for those who help homeless cat populations, while providing wonderful stories about cats that capture our hearts.”

Winner: Cimeron Morrissey, Cat Tales.

III.4 – Newsletter Article – Health & General Care
Judges comment: “The writers left me well satisfied with clear and thorough information; But this article is in a class by itself – just really great writing.”

Winner: Arnold Plotnick, “Research for Cats with CKD”, Catnip

III.5 – Newsletter Article – Behavior & Training
No winner

III.6 – Newsletter Article – Rescue
No winner

III.7 – Newsletter Article – Any Other Topic
Judges comment: “This article clearly details the writer’s passion about the importance of anti-cruelty laws and its effects on stray and feral cats. Her article is well written, in an energetic voice, with research that is well prepared and presented.”

Winner: Allie Phillips, “The Hierarchy of Anti-Cruelty Laws: Prosecuting the Abuse of Stray and Feral Cats”, National District Attorneys Association.

III.8 – Newsletter Column
Judges comment: “I loved how the author’s practical tips were presented along with true stories that supported the facts. It was interesting and easy to read”

Winner: Lyn Garson, “Technically Speaking”, Our Companions News.


IV.1 – Short Story

Winner: Beverly Freed, “A Cat Out of Time”, Mystical Cat, Dusty Rainbolt editor.

IV.2 – Poem
Judges comment: “A lovely eloquent poem expressing what we all feel at the loss of our furry friends until a new special friend opens its paws to us.”

Winner: Betsy Stowe, “Empty Nest”, Meow.

IV.3 – Humor
Judges comment: “Picture a dignified cat sporting 3 Chiquita banana stickers on her coat. This writer’s choice of words, tempo and storyline brought a big smile to my face. Her humorous final paragraph made me laugh out loud.”

Winner: Lisa-Maria Padilla, “Abyssinian Corporate Promotional Service”, Cat Talk Magazine.

IV.4 – Brochure Pamphlet
No winner

IV.5 – Short Publication
No winner

IV.6 – Annual or Long Publication
No winner

IV.7 – Opinion Piece, Essay or Editorial

Winner: Marci Kladnik, “What Should You Believe About Feral Cats?” Santa Ynez Valley News.

IV.8 – PR / Humane Education / Press Kits
No entries


V.1 – Books – Fiction
Judges comment: “Out of a nice mix of styles and genres, The Dalai Lama’s Cat stands head and shoulders above the rest on every level. It captures the wit, magic and mystery of why cat lovers love cats. I can’t wait for the sequel being published fall 2013.”

Winner: David Michie, The Dalai Lama’s Cat.

V.2 – Children’s Books
No winner

V.3 – Books – Health & General Care
No entries

V.4 – Books — Behavior & Training
Judges comment: “An unbelievable amount of research and information. This info is proving vital to my life in a multi-cat household. Great book that every cat owner should have.”

Winner: Amy Shojai, ComPETability: Solving Behavior problems in Your Multi-Cat Household, Cool Gus Publishing.

V.5 – Gift Books
No entries

V.6 – Poetry Books
No entries

V.7 – Books – Other Topics
Judges comment: “Julia’s Cats captured me at the prologue and even before that at the dust jacket!! The joy that Julia Child had from cats was a joy that readers felt from reading this book.”

Winner: Patricia Barey, Julia’s Cats.

Non-Print Media

VI.1 – Video, DVD or TV Production
No winner

VI.2 – Broadcast, Audio – Any Format
No winner

Internet/Web Sites and Blogs

VII.1 – Online Magazine, Newsletter
No winner

VII.2 – Website
No winner

VII.3 – Online Article – Health & General Care
Judges comment: “To compete with the top writers, you not only need to be technically competent, but also a good storyteller. Do your homework, but write from your heart. It’s clear this is what the winning writer has done.”

Winner: JaneA Kelley, “8 Ways to Make Your Senior Cat’s Golden Years Comfortable”, Catster.com.

VII.4 – Online Article – Behavior & Training

Winner: Sandy Robins, “Ask the Cat Expert: Morning Mealtime Behavior”, PawNation.com.

VII.5 – Online Article – Rescue
Judges comment: “This entry really stood out as an outstanding example of writing that grabs and moves the reader.”

Winner: Cimeron Morrissey, “Project Bay Cat Helps San Francisco Bay’s Rock-Dwelling Kitties”, Catster.com.

VII.6 – Online Article – Any Other Topic
Judges comment: “This is an excellent explanation of a managed feral community. Homeless Cat Network does outstanding [work] with this project.”

Winner: Sandy Robins, “Paws for a Cause: Feral Cats”, PawNation.com.

VII.7 – Online Column
Judges comment: “Great column, presenting advice in a friendly, readable manner. I’m sure it has improved countless kid-kitty relationships!”

Winner: Angie Bailey, “Kids, Cats, Chaos!” Catster.com.

VII.8 – Blog: Educational
Judges comment: “This column delivers sound advice in a light and conversational feline tone. The use of feline advisors is bound to bring a smile to the visitor.”

Winner: JaneA Kelley, Paws and Effect, www.paws-and-effect.com.

VII.9 – Blog: Entertainment
Judges comment: “An enjoyable entry. Very clever headlines.”

Winner: Bernadette Kazmarski, The Creative Cat, TheCreativeCat.net.

Graphic Arts

VIII.1 – Single Black & White Photograph
Judges comment: “Snow Cat” is a masterpiece. It’s the kind of photo you would enlarge and hang on your wall.”

Winner: Layla Morgan Wilde, “Snow Cat”, Catwisdom101.com.

VIII.2 – Black & White Photography (Series)
Judges comment: “These images are excellent. You can see emotion in the cats’ eyes. They compliment the story well.”

Winner: Debbie Glovatsky, “Kitty Love for our US Marines”, GLOGIRLY.com.

VIII.3 – Color Photograph (Single)
Judges comment: “This photo is impossible to fault. It grabs your attention ,perfectly illustrates the story, and is beautifully composed. It edged out the other entries in a strong field.”

Winner: Marci Kladnik, “Ready to Strike”, Catalyst for Cats Newsletter.

VIII.4 – Color Photograph (Series)
Judges comment: “Not only was the quality of the photography excellent but the simplicity told the story. In this case less is more.”

Winner: Debbie Glovatsky, “Cat-in-the-Bag Recipe”, GLOGIRLY.com.

VIII.5 – Cartoons
Judges comments: “Nice twist on the concept of ‘foster mom.’” and… “I love Stephanie Piro’s ‘Foster Mom.’ It’s witty and clear and very well drawn.”

Winner: Stephanie Piro, “Foster Mom”, King Features.

VIII.6 – Single Illustration
No winner

VIII.7 – Illustration (Series)
Judges comment: “A striking nod to Van Gogh. The reverse view of 2 cats (something the artist does well) is striking and the colors and composition are spot on!”

Winner: Bernadette Kazmarski, “Cats After Van Gogh”.

Thank you to Layla Morgan Wilde for helping with the publication of our list of recipients.