Feline Haiku Friday With Lee Wardlaw

If you’re feeling T.G.I.F., we have some feline Haiku to make you smile.

A Few Catku by Lee Wardlaw

I come bearing gifts!

Do dogs leave treats with grassy

garnish? I thought not.


Stranger coos: “Itty pwetty kitty!”

A fur ball serves as my reply.


Backyard aria.
Audience bellows bravo!
Cue for an encore.

Plump mouse crouched between
two damp leaves. Sun-warmed sandwich,
whisker-lickin’ good.


Lee Wardlaw has a ”hot off the press” children’s book written in Haiku. Won Ton and Chopstick: A Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku is a witty tale of a cat who learns the new family member is a dog. Beautifully illustrated by Eugene YelchinWon Ton will appeal to kids of all ages from 6 to 96.

Won Ton and Chopstick

I just received a review copy of WON TON and CHOPSTICK, A Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku the sequel to WON TON: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku Amy Shojai loved it as much as I did and recently posted her review

Visit Lee Wardlaw at LeeWardlaw.com


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