Karen Payne, Editor of Meow, Honored by CWA

Karen Payne2Dear CWA Members,

By now many of you know that Karen Payne has tendered her resignation as Editor of Meow, our long-standing and award-winning CWA newsletter. You also may know that Meow is changing formats.

It was Lorie Huston’s (our sorely missed late President) intention to change the Meow to a totally digital newsletter. As I understand it, she had several conversations with Karen on the subject. I agreed with Lorie’s vision and when I was elected, it was added to my “to do” list for my term in office.


Under the direction of Karen Payne, the Meow won a Muse Medallion for Excellence

The usual post conference newsletter did not happen for a number of reasons. As I observed Karen’s struggles to get an issue out in January, it became clear that Council needed to deal with the fate of Meow sooner than later.

And so, on Friday January 30th I brought it before Council for the first time. A majority were in favor of changing the quarterly newsletter to an end-of-the-year “CWA Highlights of 20–” to be posted on the website at the close of each year. (More about this to follow in a separate announcement.)

With the obvious decision in sight so quickly, I emailed Karen late that same afternoon to give her a heads up on what was happening. I did NOT want her to hear from anyone but me, and I also did not want her to spend any more time on the issue she was still trying to pull together.

I then put before Council the request to honor Karen in some way. This idea, too, was unanimously approved and I delayed announcing the change until I had the award pictured above in hand so as to share a photo of it with everyone and publicly honor Karen.

Council, all of CWA and I are all so very appreciative of the six long years of service Karen has selflessly put in as our newsletter Editor. It is an end to an era for sure and, as it often is, there is pain involved. We cannot thank you enough, Karen, but please accept this award, now in the mail to you, as a token.

Many purrs,
Marci Kladnik
President, Cat Writers’ Association


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