Meow Monday Ode To Love

Cujo the cat

Happy Meow Monday! It’s you’re on Twitter, the hashtag #meowmonday is a popular one for sharing about Monday and cats.

Douglas Dunn was inspired by his cat Cujo to write a Valentine poem to him. The clever tuxedo with a funny but demanding streak has his own blog Cujo Cat Chronicles and has penned two books The Cujo Cat Chronicles: Musings of a Mad Housecat and The Cujo Cat Chronicles 2: the Chaos Continues

Cujo’s real name is Raspittin and he lives with three other feline: Ivan the Tolerable, Tiger Lily and the newest minion, Jaq. Born and raised in Central Texas, Doug Dunn now lives in Oak Harbor, Washington and is married.

Cujo the cat
Cujo the cat


Ode To The Cat In The Window

Last night I saw you,
While sitting on the sill.
Staring through the window,
Causing my heart to still.

A feline so sleek and lovely,
A form so full of grace.
Markings aesthetically pleasing,
A perfectly perfect face.

Your eyes are bright and glowing,
belying a brilliant brain.
I feel if I can’t have you,
I will surely go insane.

Your coat is so gorgeous,
Like the finest Chinese silk.
I could drink in your whole being,
Like a saucer of sweetest milk.

Your presence lightens my heart,
It brightens the darkest day.
It dispels all the mists,
It chases away the gray.

Now I understand Valentine’s Day!
How could I have been so dense?
All that mooshy, lovey stuff
Is finally making sense!

Your sly grin and knowing look
Has melted my icy heart.
This chance encounter in the night
Has given me a fresh start!

But alas, I am mistaken.
A victim of self-deception.
The wondrous vision in the window
Is simply my own reflection.