Christmas and Holiday Season Fun With Cats

A holiday season guest post from Barbara Florio Graham features a few festive photos of her cat Penny. More than ever, cat lovers are celebrating the holidays with their cats. Our beloved felines are receiving gifts in record numbers, special treats and even gussied up in festive costumes. Many of our CWA members have written blog posts and articles about the relevance of cats in our culture during the holidays. I invite you to visit the CWA Facebook page where members often post and read their latest coverage of our favorite topic:cats.

May the joy of the season bring purrfect peace in your heart and homes.

Layla Morgan Wilde

~CWA blog editor

Bobbi loves lights, and we have strings of mini-lights on our “weed
tree” in the living room, and lights above the windows outside. I enjoy
watching these turn on, even when she’s out, because they’re on a timer,
but I usually don’t see them turn off, because we’re already in bed by
the time that happens.

But I’ve noticed that other houses on our street have lights as well. In
fact, the lights across the street are many different colors! Bobbi says
this is for Christmas, but I don’t know what that means, because last
year at this time I had just been taken in by a family who took pity on
me and my sister Belle, when they saw us in their back yard.

We were only there a short time before being taken to the Aylmer SPCA
and put in separate cages. I was happy to be warm, dry, and fed, but
felt really lonesome until Bobbi came along, the day after my first
birthday, to take me home with her.

Here’s the Christmas coat Bobbi wants me to put on. I’m trying to figure
out if it will fit. And here is my teddy (bearing significant battle scars from Tiki and
Terzo), wearing his Santa hat.

As I get ready for Christmas, I’m celebrating the fact that our Fan Club
has reached an amazing total of 59 species from 31 countries on six
continents! Check it out at the fan page

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