Haiku By Cat is Going To Blogpaws. Are You?

Caturday Haiku cat

Caturday Haiku cat

Happy Caturday! What kind of gifts have your cats given you lately? Sometimes we need to give ourselves a gift. The Haiku is by Susan Willett of Life With Dogs and Cats She’s one of many talented CWA members off to Nashville at the end of the month to attend the Blogpaws Conference. There will be two CWA writer panels and plenty of opportunity to network and catch up with old and new friends. Imagine 500 pet lovers, top pet experts, a cat product lounge, awards, swag and pets! Attending conferences like Blogpaws and CWA is the gift that keeps on giving.

This year Blogpaws has gone totally digital. With one click you can see the entire program and then select to view the schedule, who is attending, buy tickets and more.

I’ll be presenting one of the panels and hope to meet more CWA members in person. If you have ideas for the CWA blog, let’s talk. This blog is our members’ place to shine. In the meantime, if you’d like to guest blog, have a question or submission, email me, Layla@laylamorganwilde.com