CWA Facebook Pages

Cat Writers’ Association provides access to two Facebook pages to which all members have access.

  1. Our public Cat Writers’ Association Facebook page is open to all, including the general public. Moderators of our public page are Layla Morgan Wilde, Janiss Garza, Deb Barnes and Alana Grelyak. On this page, we feature news and updates about CWA, our members, and our sponsors. We also feature news and information about writing, publishing, blogging, social media, photography, and other topics of interest to our members and followers.
  2. Our private Facebook page is open to our members only. Both professional and associate members are welcome. This page is the perfect place to ask advice, gain insights, and share pertinent information with fellow CWA members. All current members have been sent an invitation to join. All new members will receive an invitation shortly after approval of their membership.