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2001 CWA Communications Contest
Muse MedallionTM (*) & Certificate of Excellence Winners

The regular category entries below were scored independently by three CWA member judges who had no knowledge of who else shared their judging assignments. Each judge awarded points on a scale of 1-100, and forwarded the results to the Contest Chair. The three scores were then averaged by the Contest Chair to calculate the Certificate of Excellence winners and Muse MedallionTM recipients.

Muse MedallionIn the past, the three to five highest scoring entries in each category automatically received a Certificate of Excellence award-but at times this meant recognition went to less-than-outstanding work. Therefore, the Contest Committee determined entries must reflect a certain standard of excellence to be mentioned as a finalist. The Certificate of Excellence citations below indicate the entry received an average score of 90 points or higher. Recipients of the Muse MedallionTM (shown right) scored highest in this outstanding field of excellence and are indicated by an asterisk(*).

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Category I. Magazines & Newspapers

I.1: Yearbook/Annual

    No entries

I.2A: Magazine - Four Color, National Circulation

    * B. Adelman - Cats

I.2B: Magazine - Black/White, National Circulation

    * S. Bahner - Whole Cat Journal

I.3. Special/One Shot Magazine

    No entries.

I.4A: Magazine Article -- Feature on Health or Care Topics

    * W. Christensen - Diagnosis: Heartworm
    * N. Lawson - Keeping Your Cats Healthy
    A. Moore - Hyperthyroidism in Cats
    A. Moore - Fighting Kidney Disease

I.4B: Magazine Article -- Feature on Any Other Topic

    B. Kollus - Koko's Cats
    N. Marano - When Disaster Strikes
    * A. Moore - Surviving Abuse
    C. Walkowicz - Coexisting with Cats
    B. Zeichner - Adopting a Feral Kitten

I.4C: Magazine Column

    B.Adelman - From the Editor
    * S. Easterly - Serving Animals
    A. Moore - Unsung Heroes

I.5A: Newspaper Article, Feature, or News Story

    * S. Dale - Prevention Best for Vaccine-Related Cancers
    D. B. Trace - Beware of Catastrophes
    S. Yin - It's Difficult to Prove Pets Predict Quakes
    S. Yin - Holiday Follies
    S. Yin - Releasing Your Inner Kitty
    S. Yin - Scientists Uncover the Gene Blues

I.5B: Newspaper Column

    * R. Young - Dayton Daily News
    S. Yin - Pet Tales

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Category II. Newsletters or Regional Publications

II.1: Newsletters: Breed Specific

    No Winner

II.2: Newsletters: Others/Four Color

    B. Brown - Best Friends
    * P. Glassner - Our Animals

II.3: Newsletters: Others/Black & White

    * B. Robinson - Alley Cat Action
    K. Shanks - Cat Talk

II.4: Newsletters: Article or Feature

    D. Congalton - An Empty Chair
    * P. Glassner - Pookie Pet-A-Care Cat
    K. Winters - Declaw Yes or No

II.5: Newsletters: Column

    T.J. Banks - Just Cats
    * D. Rainbolt - Dear Hobbes
    E. Sayres - From the President

II.6: Newsletters: Annual or Semi-Annual

    * B. Robinson - Feral Cat Activist

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Category III. Short Story, Poetry, Humor, Miscellaneous

III.1: Short Story
    T.J. Banks - The Sweetest of Bears
    * Sandra Heath - A Winter's Tail

III.2: Poem

    No Winner

III.3: Book of Poetry

    No entries

III.4: Humor (Feature, Article or Book )

    * M. Durand - How To Introduce Your New Cat
    B. Kollus - Confessions of a Cat Guy
    P. van Hulsteyn - Vanity in Washington

III.5: Series, Subject-Related (Entire Series)

    F. Shaw - The Feline Genome
    * A. Shojai - Healing Power of Touch

III.6: Brochure/Pamphlet

    * B. Robinson - Cats on Campus

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Category IV. Books

IV.1: Books: Fiction
    C. N. Douglas - Cat in a Leopard Spot
    * S. Murphy - Cat Spitting Mad

IV.2: Books: Children / Young Adult (fiction or nonfiction)

    S. Derby - Taiko on a Windy Night
    * P. Austen - The Cat Who Loved Mozart

IV.3: Books: Care & Health (includes breeding, medical, grooming)

    * S. Easterly - Guide to Handraising Kittens
    S. Messonier - Natural Health Bible
    A. Shojai - First Aid Companion

IV.4: Books: Behavior & Training

    * L. Lachman - Cats on the Couch
    K. Pryor - Clicker Training for Cats

IV.5: Books: Single Breed

    * J.A. Helgren - Rex Cats
    L. Shelton - Guide to Owning a Tonkinese

IV.6: Books: Other

    K. Commings - Cat Lover's Survival Guide
    C. Davis - For Every Cat an Angel
    A. Shojai - My Cat's Tale
    K.L. Stevens - All for Animals
    * B. Walker - Crazy Cats

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Category V. Non-Print Media

V.1: Video or Television Presentation
    D. Arden - Creatively Speaking
    A. Shojai - Way of Life
    * S.B. Smith - The Humane Solution

2: Audio Tape or CD

    No entries.

3: Radio Presentation

    * S. Dale - Animal Planet Radio
    C. Smith - Pet Smith

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Category VI. Electronic/Online Presentation

VI.1. Professional Website/Online Magazine


VI.2. Single Online Article

    K. Commings - Finicky Feline
    * S. B. Hall - Saying Goodbye at Home
    J. A. Helgren - Top 8 Reasons Kitty Won't Use the Litter Box
    J. A. Helgren - Selecting a Cat Enclosure
    A. Shojai - Homeopathy: A Wakeup Call

VI.2. Online Column

    * M. Allen - Hotline to Healing
    J. A. Helgren - Choosing a
    * A. Shojai - Way of Life

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Category VII. Graphic Arts

VII.1A: Photography - Black & White
    M. Bloom - Kitty on Board
    * N. J. Hakim - Playtime
    E. Pilchik - Blind Cat on a Boat

VII.1B: Photography - Color Photo

    E. Stob - Canoe Takes the Night Watch
    * B. Walker - Southpaw Tub Tabby
    B. Walker - Projectile Bathing
    B. Walker - Louise's First Christmas

VII.1C: Series of Photos or Photo Essay - Color

    B. Caldwell - Maine Coon Cats
    W. Hutto - Bottle Babies
    * B. Walker - Cat's House Calendar

VII.1D: Series of Photos or Photo Essay- Black & White

    No Winner

VII.1D: Series of Photos or Photo Essay- Black & White

    * K. Lawrence - A Winner!

VII.2: Illustration

    * W. Christensen - Christmas Ribbon Kitten
    B. Walker - Accessorize Your Cat
    B.Walker - If a Cat Won the Lottery

VII.3: Series of Illustrations

    K. Chubb - Feeding Your Finicky Eater
    A. Reich - We Drove Cross Country
    * P. Wallace - Cat Owner's Makeover

4: Cartoons

    No entries.

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