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2002 CWA Communications Contest
Muse MedallionTM (*) & Certificate of Excellence Winners

The regular category entries below were scored independently by three CWA member judges who had no knowledge of who else shared their judging assignments. Each judge awarded points on a scale of 1-100, and forwarded the results to the Contest Chair. The three scores were then averaged by the Contest Chair to calculate the Certificate of Excellence winners and Muse MedallionTM recipients.

Muse MedallionIn the past, the three to five highest scoring entries in each category automatically received a Certificate of Excellence award-but at times this meant recognition went to less-than-outstanding work. Therefore, the Contest Committee determined entries must reflect a certain standard of excellence to be mentioned as a finalist. The Certificate of Excellence citations below indicate the entry received an average score of 90 points or higher. Recipients of the Muse MedallionTM (shown right) scored highest in this outstanding field of excellence and are indicated by an asterisk(*).

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Category I. Magazines & Newspapers

I.1: Yearbook/Annual

    No entries

I.2A: Magazine - Four Color, National Circulation

    * Vicki Christian Budrevich - Your Cat

I.2B: Magazine - Black/White, National Circulation

    No entries

I.3A. Magazine Article/Feature on Health Care

    Karen Commings - "Tell Me Where It Hurts"
    Beverly Caldwell - "Anxiety Relief for Your Cat"
    * Fran Pennock Shaw - "Silent Suffering"
    Roxanne Snopek - "Cat Cavities"
    Kate Reilly - "A Kidney for Zeus"
    Arden Moore - "Food for Thought"

I.3B. Magazine Article/Feature on Training/Behavior

    Donald Vaughan - Managing Meow Power
    * Pam Johnson-Bennett - Lashing Out
    Jacque Schultz - Tom Meet Geri
    Elissa Wolfson - Sleeping Cats

I.3C. Magazine Article/Feature on Any Other Topic

    Lexi Walters - Heroic Cats
    * Fran Pennock Shaw - Allergies and Your Cat
    Wendy Christensen - The Hunter in Your Home
    Elissa Wolfson - Cats and Senior Citizens

I.3C. Magazine Column

    * Susan Easterly - Serving Animals
    * Arden Moore - Unsung Heroes

I.4A: Newspaper Article, Feature, News Story

    Clea Simon - Animal Magnetism
    * Fran Pennock Shaw - Vets Using Pain Meds
    Maryann Mott - Furry Face Touches Soft Spot
    Steve Dale - FIV Vaccine

I.4B: Newspaper Column

    * Roz Young - Do Animals Have Souls
    Sally Bahner - Pawprints
    Steve Dale - My Pet World

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Category II. Newsletters or Regional Publications

II.1: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Breed Specific

    Claire Willoughby - Persians and Exotics in Profile
    * Evelyn Russell - International Scottish Fold

II.2: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Others/Color

    Kris Rerecich - Alley Cat Allies
    * Paul Glassner - Our Animals

II.3: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Others/Black & White

    Nancy Egan - City + Country Pets
    * Louise Holton - Alley Cat Mews

II.4: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Annual or Semi-Annual

    * Kris Rerecich - Feral Cat Activist

II.5: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Artcile or Feature

    Nancy Marano - Vaccines: What You Should Know
    * Linda Brinen - A Wish for Emma
    Paul Glassner - Good Luck of Black Cats

II.6: Newsletters or Regional Publications: Column

    Nancy Marano - "Cat Chat"
    * Dusty Rainbolt - "Dear Hobbes"

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Category III. Short Story, Poetry, Humor, Miscellaneous

III.1: Short Story
    Shirley Rousseau Murphy - Hoskin's Cat
    * Lyn McConchie - Chasing China Cats
    * Cynthia Lawrence - The Cat and Mouse Caper

III.2: Poem or Book of Poetry

    No entries

III.3: Humor

    * Deborah Coates - Cat Haiku
    Barbara Florio Graham - Musings/Mewsings

III.5: Series, Subject-Related

    Amy Shojai - Fluffy or Fat?
    * Fran Pennock Shaw - Coping with Allergies

III.6: Brochure/Pamphlet, or Special Publication

    * Louise Holton - Feral Cat Management

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Category IV. Books

IV.1: Books: Fiction
    * Shirley Rousseau Murphy - Cat Laughing Last
    Carole Nelson Douglas - Cat in a Midnight Choir

IV.2: Books: Children's / Young Adult

    No Winner

IV.3: Books: Care & Health

    Ann Fisher - Living in the Shadows
    Amy Shojai - Pet Care in the New Century
    Wendy Christensen - Complete Guide to Cat Care
    * Jodi Alessandrini & Kathy Kinser - Kitty Stuff

IV.4: Books: Behavior & Training

    * Amy Shojai - Complete Kitten Care
    John Wright & Judi Wright Lashnits - Ain't Misbehavin'
    Catherine Crawmer - Here Kitty Kitty

IV.5: Books: Single Breed

    No entries

IV.6: Books: Other

    * David Congalton & Charlotte Alexander - When Your Pet Outlives You

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Category V. Non-Print Media

V.1: Video or Television Presentation
    * Darlene Arden - "Shelter Cats with Karen Pryor"

V.2: Radio Presentation, Audio Tape or CD

    Linda Kay Weber - Radio Book Reviews
    * Steve Dale - Animal Planet - Show #60
    Steve Dale - Animal Planet - Show #28

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Category VI. Electronic/Online Presentation

VI.1. Electronic: Online Presentation

    Beth Adelman -
    * Lisa Allmendinger -

VI.2. Electronic/Online Presentation: Single Online Article

    Karen Commings - How To Toilet Train Your Cat
    Karen Commings - Yes You Can Train
    * J. Anne Helgren - Finding and Choosing a Breed

VI.2. Electronic/Online Presentation: Online Column

    * Amy Shojai - Purina Cat Chow Way of Life
    * J. Anne Helgren - Choosing A

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Category VII. Graphic Arts

VII.1A: Graphic Arts: Black & White Photo
    *Amy Shojai - "Sleep Champ"
    Beverly Caldwell - "Anxiety Relief"
    Sally Bahner - "Yuri Resting"
    * Sandra Toney - "Jasmine Grooming"
    Najib Joe Hakim - "Penelope (Yawn) and Family"
    Betsy Stowe - "Katy's Garden"

VII.1B: Graphic Arts: Single Color Photo

    Douglas Zimmerman - Sept. 11, 2001
    * Catherine Crawmer - Cat Jumping
    Frank de la Motte - Tryant

VII.1C: Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/Black & White

    * Amy Shojai - Complete Kitten Care

VII.1D: Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/Color

    Heike Hagenguth - When Baby Arrives
    * Heike Hagenguth - Love Beneath the Skin: Cat Tatoos

VII.2: Graphic Arts: Illustration

    * Wendy Christensen - Two Ears, Two Eyes, Tulips
    Alice Horst - Panoramic Drive

VII.3: Graphic Arts: Series of Illustrations

    * Wendy Christensen - Why Cats Do That
    Carol Benioff - Junkyard Cats

VII.4: Graphic Arts: Cartoons

    No Winner

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