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2003 CWA Communications Contest
Muse MedallionTM (*) & Certificate of Excellence Winners

The regular category entries below were scored independently by three CWA member judges who had no knowledge of who else shared their judging assignments. Each judge awarded points on a scale of 1-100, and forwarded the results to the Contest Chair. The three scores were then averaged by the Contest Chair to calculate the Certificate of Excellence winners and Muse MedallionTM recipients.

Muse MedallionIn the past, the three to five highest scoring entries in each category automatically received a Certificate of Excellence award-but at times this meant recognition went to less-than-outstanding work. Therefore, the Contest Committee determined entries must reflect a certain standard of excellence to be mentioned as a finalist. The Certificate of Excellence citations below indicate the entry received an average score of 90 points or higher. Recipients of the Muse MedallionTM (shown right) scored highest in this outstanding field of excellence and will be announced at the 2003 annual conference. Winners are indicated by an asterisk(*).

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Category I. Magazines

I.1: Yearbook or Annual

    * Bridget C. Johnson - Kittens USA - Fancy Publications
         Judge's comments: "The articles were easy to read and understand, and very upbeat."

I.2: Magazine - National Circulation

    * Bridget C. Johnson - Cat Fancy - Fancy Publications
         Judge's comments: "Overall this magazine is doing an excellent job of addressing its established audience and perhaps moving beyond."

I.3: Magazine - Regional Circulation

    No entries

I.4. Magazine Article /Feature on Health Care

    Marty Becker & Steve Garner - Out of Joint - Cat Fancy
    Marty Becker & Janice Willard - Save Your Cat's Life - Cat Fancy
    * Arden Moore - 9 Ways to End the Weight - Cat Fancy
         Judge's comments: ""Very relevant topic today with so many cats living indoors."
    Arnold Plotnick - Fighting Feline Aids - Cat Fancy

I.5. Magazine Article/Feature on Training/Behavior

    * Ron Bast - Playing for Keeps - Cat Fancy
         Judge's comments: "An extremely valuable article, as so many people still do not understand felines, and this article is just so good in terms of showing people how to work through the problems and not just hand the cat over to a shelter."

I.6. Magazine Article/Feature on Any Other Topic

    Susan McCullough - Giving Spot Away - ASPCA Animal Watch
    * Wendy Christensen - Cats and Humans: An Ancient Bond - Cat Fancy
         Judge's comments: "Beautifully written, fascinating account of the history of humans and cats. I didn't yawn once."
    Wendy Christensen - Introduction to Felines 101 - Dogs in Canada
    Susan Easterly - Feline Reprieve from Overpopulation - Cat Fancy
    Christy Heiger-Casbon - Inside Is Paradise - Kittens USA
    Bridget Johnson, Cats and War - Cat Fancy
    Kim Thornton - Therapy With a Purr - Your Cat
    Kim Thornton - Second Chance Cats - Your Cat

I.7. Magazine Column

    Arden Moore - Unsung Hero - Cat Fancy
    Karen S. Phillips- Cat Care 101 - Cat Fancy
    Arnold Plotnick - The Vet Files - Cat Fancy
    * Arnold Plotnick - Feline Frontiers - Cat Fancy
         Judge's comments: "He writes with a plain-spoken naturalness..his columns are lively, flavorful narratives that reflect a compassionate realism."
    Sandy Robins - Book Reviews - Cat Fancy
    Elaine Wexler-Mitchell - Ask the Vet - Cat Fancy

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Category II. Newspapers

II.1: Newspaper Article

    Steve Dale - Cats May Help Us Learn More About SARS - My Pet World/Tribune Media Services
    * Clea Simon - Cat Burglar - Boston Phoenix
         Judge's comments: "A sheer delight."
    Stephanie Waite - Fixed to Be Free - Beaver County Times

II.2: Newspaper Column

    Steve Dale - My Pet World - Tribune Media Services
    * Amy D. Shojai - P'Etiquette - Sherman Herald Democrat
         Judge's comments: "She does have a knack of placing a lot of really good information into a restricted space, in a clear and concise manner."

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Category III. Newspapers

III.1: Newsletters: Breed Specific

    * Evelyn Russell - Scottish Fold Association Newsletter
         Judge's comments: "All I can say is "Wow!" This newsletter should be the model for all newsletters."

III.2: Newsletters: Others, National Circulation (TIE)

    * Arden Moore - Catnip - Tufts University
         Judge's comments: "The style is lively yet professional and easy to understand."
    * Kris Rerecich - Alley Cat Action - Alley Cat Allies
         Judge's comments: "Was most consistent, concise and to the point."

III.3: Newsletter Article: Health & Care

    Wendy Christensen - Feline Hypertension: A Silent Threat - CatWatch
    Wendy Christensen - Hyperthyroidism - CatWatch
    * Elissa Wolfson - The Skinny on Fat Cats - CatWatch
         Judge's comments: "The winner brought her subject home with inspired writing and quotes from cat owners."
    Elissa Wolfson - A Finicky Feline: Coax-Feeding Your Sick Cat - CatWatch

III.4: Newsletter Article: Other Topics (TIE)

    Bev Caldwell - Introducing Adult Cats - CatWatch
    * Wendy Christensen - Copy Cat: Feline Cloning - Catnip
         Judge's comments: "The top articles took topics that are not particularly new and made them so."
    Karen Commings - Doing What Comes Naturally - CatWatch
    Rikke Jorgensen - Cardiac Kitties Melt Hearts - Our Animals
    * Arden Moore - Love Medicine - Catnip
         Judge's comments: "The top articles took topics that are not particularly new and made them so."
    Arden Moore - Scaredy Cat Syndrome - Catnip
    Arden Moore - How to Solve Urine Marking - Catnip
    Dusty Rainbolt - Troubleshooting for Kittens - Catnip
    Kris Rerecich - Building the Body of Scientific Evidence that TNR Works - Feral Cat Activist
    Elissa Wolfson - How to Help Homeless Cats- CatWatch

III.5: Newsletter Column

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Category IV. Short Story, Poetry, Humor, Miscellaneous

IV.1: Short Story

IV.2: Poetry

    * Karen Commings - Sparky's Ritual - La Joie
         Judge's comments:"Clear images and a sure voice convey the extraordinary beauty found in the normal course of a cat's days."

IV.3: Humor

    Dena Harris - Lessons in Stalking - ASPCA Animal Watch
    * Jennifer L. Rechter - Bountiful Love - ASPCA Animal Watch
         Judge's comments: "I liked how she turned a phrase and I liked its overall message."

IV.4: Series, Subject-Related

    * Vanni Cappllei - Homecoming Queen - Cat Fancy
         Judge's comments: "Almost reads like a short novel...except for the fact that it was true. The innocent animals are often forgotten in war-torn countries. BRAVO for rescuing this kitten and telling others her story."

IV.5: Brochure/Pamphlet, or Special Publication

    * The Humane Society of the United States - Cat Care Basics
         Judge's comments: "Having a new kitten myself, this booklet is a treasure."
    The Humane Society of the United States - A Safe Cat is a Happy Cat
    The Humane Society of the United States - The Uninvited Cat

IV.6: Opinion piece/essay/editorial

    * Joann I. Lamb - Taking Stock, Taking Control - National Birman Fanciers Newsletter
         Judge's comments: "This informative checklist should be mandatory for all of us with cats."

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Category V. Books

V.1: Books: Fiction (TIE)
    * Shirley Rousseau Murphy - Cat Seeing Double - HarperCollins
    * Linda Stewart - The Maltese Kitten - Cheshire House Books
         Judge's comments: "A real treat! Colorful characters, engaging dialogue and a solid plot kept me turning pages."

V.2: Books: Children's / Young Adult

    Jill Newsome and Claudio Munoz - Night Walk - Clarion Books
    * Eileen Spinelli and Linda Bronson - Moe McTooth - Clarion Books
         Judge's comments: "Bold, Picasso-like illustrations. Story is true-to-life in nature. Visual, lyrical text."
    Tess Weaver and Andrea Wesson - Opera Cat - Clarion Books

V.3: Books: Care & Health

    Susan Easterly - Your Older Cat - Fireside/Simon & Schuster
    * Debra M. Eldredge - Pills for Pets - Citadel/Kensington
         Judge's comments: "An extremely useful reference book that covers the ground. This is a book that pet owners want on their shelf when health questions arise."
    Sandra Toney - The Simple Guide to Cats - TFH Publications

V.4: Books: Behavior & Training

    * Miriam Fields-Babineau - Cat Training in 10 Minutes - TFH Publications
         Judge's comments: "A great little book. Well written, with good photos."

V.5: Books: Other Topics

    Janet Jensen - Shadow Cats - Adams Media
    * Clea Simon - The Feline Mystique - St. Martin's Press
         Judge's comments: "This is a fascinating, well-organized look at the bond between cats and females, with lots of delightful humor thrown in. Fun to read."

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Category VI. Non-Print Media

VI.1: Non-Print Media: Video or Television Presentation
    * Amy D. Shojai - Pet Talk - KXII TV, CBS
         Judge's comments: "Very informative and authoritative. I'm sure the audience learned a lot-as I did!"

VI.2: Non-Print Media: Radio Presentation, Audio Tape or CD

    Steve Dale - Animal Planet Radio, Show #108
    Steve Dale - Animal Planet Radio, Show #77
    * Steve Dale - The Pet News with Steve Dale
         Judge's comments: "He is friendly and informative, professional and fact-filled, all in less than a minute."

VI.3. Non-Print Media: Online Magazine

    * Beth Adelman - The Daily Cat - Studio One
    Franny Syufy - -

VI.4. Non-Print Media: Online Article

    * Amy D. Shojai - Love to the Max - The
         Judge's comments: "Made the writing sing."
    Kari Winters - Knowing When to Let Go -

VI.2. Non-Print Media: Online Column

    Amy D. Shojai - Emotional Health: Purina Cat Chow Way of Life -
    * Amy D. Shojai - Tabbytudes - The
         Judge's comments: "The author demonstrates an impressive knowledge of cats, along with the ability to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner."
    Mordecai Siegal - The View From Mordecai Siegal -

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Category VII. Graphic Arts

VII.1: Graphic Arts: Black & White Photo
    Mary Bloom - Lessons in Stalking - ASPCA Animal Watch
    * Bev Caldwell - Photograph - Kitten on the Keys - Catnip
         Judge's comments: "Kudos for catching that curious kitten."
    Don Crowe - Joan & Merlin - Our Animals
    Weems Smith Hutto - Cosmo: Dental Bliss - Catnip

VII.2: Graphic Arts: Color Photo

    * Samarra Khaja - Cover Photo, Spring 2003 - ASPCA Animal Watch
         Judge's comments: "Exquisite. Perfect lighting, composition and attention to detail."
    Isabelle Francais - Exotic Destination - Cat Fancy
    Linda Beatie/Paradox Photography - Tonkinese - Cat Fancy
    Paul Aven - Hang in There - ASPCA Animal Watch

VII.3: Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/Black & White

    * Bev Caldwell - Volunteer for Life - Catnip
         Judge's comments: "All three images are presented well. When photographing in black and white, one must think in black and white."

VII.4: Graphic Arts: Series of Photos/Color (TIE)

    * Heike Hagenguth - First Aid for Cats - Our Cats
    * Samarra Khaja - How to Throw a Kitten Shower - ASPCA Animal Watch

VII.5: Graphic Arts: Illustration

    Chih-Wei Chang - Misfit - ASPCA Animal Watch
    Tracy Hill - Vexing Vanity - Cat Fancy
    * Samarra Khaja - Coming in from the Cold - ASPCA Animal Watch
    Denise Ortakales - Bad Medicine - ASPCA Animal Watch

VII.6: Graphic Arts: Series of Illustrations

    Tracy Hill - The Crate Escape - Cat Fancy
    * Laura H. Von Stetina - Mewingham Manor: Observations on a Curious New Species - Greenwich Workshop Press
         Judge's comments: "Delicate and beautiful."

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