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The regular category entries below were scored independently by three CWA member judges who had no knowledge of who else shared their judging assignments. Each judge awarded points on a scale of 1-100, and forwarded the results to the Contest Chair. The three scores were then averaged by the Contest Chair to calculate the Certificate of Excellence winners and Muse MedallionTM recipients.

Muse MedallionEntries must reflect a certain standard of excellence to be mentioned as a finalist. The Certificate of Excellence citations below indicate the entry received an average score of 90 points or higher. Muse MedallionsTM will be awarded in each category at the annual awards conference in San Mateo, CA in November.

I. Magazines

    Magazine, National Circulation
      Susan Logan "Cat Fancy" Bowtie Press

    Magazine Article - Health and General Care
      Debra Eldredge, DVM "Comfort and Care for the Aging Cat" Cat Fancy
      Audrey Pavia "Vets on the Go" Cat Fancy
      Nancy Peterson "Toxoplasmosis: Keeping Pets and People Safe" Veterinary Technician vArnold Plotnick "The Renal Deal" Cat Fancy
      Arnold Plotnick "Is There and Easy Test for FIP?" Cat Fancy
      Arnold Plotnick "Living With AIDS" Cat Fancy

    Magazine Article - Behavior
      Darlene Arden "Time Out for Training" Cats USA
      Brad Kollus "Born to Love" Cat Fancy
      Brad Kollus "Cats' Abilities to Think and Feel" Cats and Kittens

    Magazine Article - Breed Profile
      Bev Caldwell "Luscious Hair Everywhere" Cat Fancy
      Bev Caldwell "Wild and Mild" Cat Fancy
      Bev Caldwell "When Is a Siamese Not a Siamese?" Cat Fancy
      Bev Caldwell "Love in the Folds" Cat Fancy
      J. Anne Helgren "Purring Pixies" Cat Fancy
      John McGongale & Carolyn M. Vella "Beauty and Brains" Cat Fancy

    Magazine Article - Any Other Topic
      Maryjean Ballner "You Can Make a Difference" Cat Fancy
      Ken and Helmi Flick "Picture Perfect" Cats USA
      Anne Leighton "Gimmer Shelter" Kittens USA
      Laurie MacDougall "Rocky's Bumpy Road" Our Animals
      Dusty Rainbolt "Hammer Heads Home" Cat Fancy
      Sandy Robins "The Kitty Whisperer" Cat Fancy
      Don Vaughan "Cats and Eldercare" Cat Fancy

    Magazine Column
      Susan Logan "Editor's Note" Cat Fancy
      Dusty Rainbolt "Dear Hobbes" City & Country Pets

II. Newspapers

    Newspaper Article
      Kari Winters "Feline Infectious Peritonitis" The Pet Press

    Newspaper Column
      Wendy Christensen "Creature Comforts" The Monadnock Ledger
      Steve Dale "My Pet World" Tribune Media Services
      Amy D. Shojai "P'Etiquette" The Herald Democrat

III. Newsletters

    Newsletter - Breed Specific
      Beryl Peters "DRBC Newsletter" Devon Rex Breed Club
      Lynn Thompson "National Alliance of Burmese Breeders Newsletter" National Alliance of Burmese Breeders

    Newsletter - Others, National Circulation
      Arden Moore "Catnip" Tufts University Media
      Kris Rerecich "Alley Cat Action" Alley Cat Allies

    Newsletter - Others, Regional or Membership Circulation
      Nancy Marano "Petroglyphs" Petroglyphs

    Newsletter Article - Health and General Care
      Susan Easterly "What to Expect as Your Cat Ages" CatWatch
      Nancy Marano "Diagnosis: Panleukopenia" Catnip
      Arden Moore "Free-Wheeling Cats" Catnip
      Arnold Plotnick "Matters of the Heart" Catnip
      Arnold Plotnick "Arterial Thromboembolism" Catnip

    Newsletter Article - Other Topics
      Susan Easterly "What to Do When Your Cats Fight" CatWatch
      Debra Eldredge, DVM "Debunking Cat Myths" Catnip
      Nancy Marano "Kids and Cats" Catnip
      Arden Moore "Driving Your Cat Crazy?" Catnip
      Audrey Pavia "Achoo! Allergies" Catnip
      Nancy Peterson "Killing With Kindness" Catnip
      Elissa Wolfson "Feline-Friendly Flying" Catnip

    Newspaper Column
      Nancy Marano "Cat Chat" Petroglyphs
      Arden Moore "Editor's Note" Catnip

IV. Miscellaneous

    Short Story
      T.J. Banks "Tikvah"
      Ellen Perry Berkeley "Alone?" Cats and Kittens
      Carole Nelson Douglas "Junior Partner in Crime" Berkley Prime Crime
      Sharon King-Booker "That Chastain Place" Futures Mysterious Anthology

    Poem or Book of Poetry
      Betsy Stowe "A Dog's Life" La Joie
      Betsy Stowe "Tuxedo Cat" CFA Fanc-e-Mews
      Betsy Stowe "Identity" CFA Fanc-e-Mews

      Darlene Arden "40 Tricks to Train Your Human" Cat Fancy
      Dena Harris "Morning Revelry" Cats and Kittens
      Dena Harris "Yoga Cat" Cats and Kittens

    Long Special Publication
      Susan Chaney "Kittens USA 2005-2006 Annual" Bowtie Press
      Neighborhood Cats "The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook" Neighborhood Cats

    Opinion Piece/Essay/Editorial
      T.J. Banks "Soul-Cat" La Joie
      Steve Dale "Shooting Cats Barbaric Way to Control Population" Tribune Media Services
      Amy Shojai "Unexpected Gifts" The Herald Democrat
      Debra J. White "Pets Saved by No-Kill Shelters Still Need Humane Treatment" Arizona Republic

V. Books

      Carole Nelson Douglas "Cat in an Orange Twist" Forge Books
      Shirley Rousseau Murphy "Cat Cross Their Graves" HarperCollins

      Enid Hinkes and Wendy Rasmussen "Police Cat" Albert Whitman & Company
      Priscilla Maltbie and Pau Estrada "Picasso and Minou" Charlesbridge

    Care & Health
      Sheila Webster Boneham "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Cat" Alpha Books

    Training & Behavior
      Wendy Christensen "Outwitting Cats" The Lyons Press
      Pam Johnson-Bennett "Cat vs. Cat" Viking Penguin
      Amy D. Shojai "PETiquette" M. Evans Company

    Young Adult
      Erin Hunter "Warriors/The New Prophecy: Midnight" HarperCollins
      Betty Sleep "Purrlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Valuables" Page Free Publishing

      Georgie Anne Geyer "When Cats Reigned Like Kings" Andrews McMeel Publishing
      Mordecai Siegal, Editor "The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book" HarperCollins

VI. Non-Print Media

    Video Production
      Bryan Kortis and Emma Cobb "How to Perform a Mass Trapping" Neighborhood Cats

    Radio Production
      Steve Dale "The Pet Minute With Steve Dale"
      Steve Dale "Steve Dale's Pet World"
      Steve Dale "Pet Central, June 11"
      Steve Dale "Pet Central, February 5"

    Online Magazine
      Franny Syufy ""

    Online Article - Health and General Care
      Kathryn Hopper "Inhaled Medication-Feline Asthma"
      Sandy Robins "New Products Pamper Pets From Head to Tail"

    Single Online Article - Other Topics
      Brad Kollus "The Preferred Petting Zone" Cat Fancy
      Sandy Robins "Menagerie a Trois"

    Online Column
      Wendy Christensen "Herding Cats…at Home"
      Amy D. Shojai "Emotional Health"
      Kim Campbell Thornton "Creature Comforts"

VII. Graphic Arts

    Single Photograph, black & white
      Bev Caldwell "Treat Snack" Catnip
      Arden Moore "Corgi Kisses" Catnip
      Dusty Rainbolt "Santa Claws Is Coming to Town" Catnip
      Sandra Toney "Kittens Stand Up to Play" Catnip
      Sandra Toney "Tulip in Mid-Pounce" Catnip
      Sandra Toney "Kitten Wrestling Match" Catnip

    Single Photograph, color
      Paul Butler "Scottish Fold Centerfold" Cat Fancy
      Barbara Saunders "Nail Salon Skeptic" Our Animals

    Photography Series, black & white
      Dusty Rainbolt and Weems Hutto "Shoppin', Showin' and Staking Out the Litter Box" Catnip

      Tom Kimball "If Cats Were in Charge" Cats USA
      Drew Strouble "Pillow Talk" CatManDrew

    Series of Illustrations
      Tom Kimball "Finicky Kitty" Kittens USA
      Drew Strouble "CatManDrew Note Cards" CatManDrew

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