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The regular category entries below were scored independently by three CWA member judges who had no knowledge of who else shared their judging assignments. Each judge awarded points on a scale of 1-100, and forwarded the results to the Contest Chair. The three scores were then averaged by the Contest Chair to calculate the Certificate of Excellence winners and Muse MedallionTM recipients. There were more than 400 entries in this year's contest in both the regular and Special Awards.

Muse MedallionEntries must reflect a certain standard of excellence to be mentioned as a finalist. The Certificate of Excellence citations below indicate the entry received an average score of 90 points or higher. Muse Medallions will be awarded in each category at the annual awards conference in San Mateo, CA in November. Recipients of the Muse MedallionTM (shown right) scored highest in this outstanding field of excellence and were announced at the 2005 annual conference.

I. Magazines

    Magazine, National Circulation
      Susan Logan "Cat Fancy" Bowtie Press
      Judges comments: "Provides a good mix of excellent information and entertainment. The clean design and excellent artwork make it a pleasure to read."

    Magazine Article - Health and General Care
      Arnold Plotnick "The Renal Deal" - Cat Fancy
      Judges commetns: "This veterinarian shares medical information in a way that is easily understood by cat owners and brought to life by stories about his own patients."

    Magazine Article - Behavior
      Brad Kollus "Born to Love" - Cat Fancy
      Judges comments: "A refreshing article written in a sensible and compassionate style."

    Magazine Article - Breed Profile
      J. Anne Helgren "Purring Pixies" - Cat Fancy
      Judges comments: "I really enjoyed reading the work and liked the fact that it dispelled the myths about this breed."

    Magazine Article - Any Other Topic
      Laurie MacDougall "Rocky's Bumpy Road" - Our Animals
      Judges comments: "Interesting profile. This was a tricky category to judge because the overall quality of work submitted was excellent."

    Magazine Column
      Dusty Rainbolt "Dear Hobbes" - City & Country Pets
      Judges comments: "Provides basic information in a humorous, conversational manner."

II. Newspapers

    Newspaper Article
      Kari Winters "Feline Infectious Peritonitis" - The Pet Press
      Judges commetns: "Simple to understand without being condescending; an excellent first exposure to a complicated topic."

    Newspaper Column
      Steve Dale "My Pet World" - Tribune Media Services
      The judges were speechless!

III. Newsletters

    Newsletter - Breed Specific
      Lynn Thompson "National Alliance of Burmese Breeders Newsletter" - National Alliance of Burmese Breeders
      Judges commetns: "Extremely useful articles on everything from genetics to cattery history to humor."

    Newsletter - Others, National Circulation
      Arden Moore "Catnip" - Tufts University Media
      Judges comments: "Simply outworks all others in terms of content and usefulness."

    Newsletter - Others, Regional or Membership Circulation
      Nancy Marano "Petroglyphs" - Petroglyphs
      Judges commetns: "Well-written, well-researched and provides excellent in-depth coverage of issues affecting its readers."

    Newsletter Article - Health and General Care
      Susan Easterly "What to Expect as Your Cat Ages" - CatWatch
      Judges commetns: "Left me feeling like I learned something new and useful in an easy-to-read fashion."

    Newsletter Article - Other Topics
      Nancy Peterson "Killing With Kindness" - Catnip
      Judges comments: "Addresses an important issue in a factual, compassionate manner, citing information from a wide variety of professionals."

    Newspaper Column
      Nancy Marano "Cat Chat" - Petroglyphs
      Judges comments: "She had an important message and an authoritative voice. I would want to read her columns again."

IV. Miscellaneous

    Short Story
      Carole Nelson Douglas "Junior Partner in Crime" - Berkley Prime Crime
      Judges comments: "A four-footed delight."

    Poem or Book of Poetry
      Betsy Stowe "A Dog's Life" - La Joie
      Judges comments: "I loved the unique topic."

      Darlene Arden "40 Tricks to Train Your Human" - Cat Fancy
      Judges commetns: "It's very true!"

    Long Special Publication
      Neighborhood Cats "The Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook" - Neighborhood Cats
      Judges comments: "A great resource. So clear, extremely well-organized, so many practical tips from the experts."

    Opinion Piece/Essay/Editorial
      Debra J. White "Pets Saved by No-Kill Shelters Still Need Humane Treatment" - Arizona Republic
      Judges commetns: "This piece stood out for actively tackling the opposing viewpoint and dismantling the arguments respectfully, piece by piece."

V. Books

      Carole Nelson Douglas "Cat in an Orange Twist" - Forge Books
      Shirley Rousseau Murphy "Cat Cross Their Graves" - HarperCollins
      Judges commetns: "Masterfully written."

      Priscilla Maltbie and Pau Estrada "Picasso and Minou" - Charlesbridge
      Judges comments: "A beautiful book that conveys a human's compassion for a cat and a cat's compassion for a human."

    Care & Health
      Sheila Webster Boneham "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Cat" - Alpha Books
      Judges comments: "Excellent information, well presented."

    Training & Behavior
      Wendy Christensen "Outwitting Cats" - The Lyons Press
      Judges comments: "This exhaustively researched book has something for everyone. She incorporates new research seamlessly into an engaging narrative."

    Young Adult
      Erin Hunter "Warriors/The New Prophecy: Midnight" - HarperCollins
      Betty Sleep "Purrlock Holmes and the Case of the Vanishing Valuables" - Page Free Publishing
      Judges comments: "Gave me a real sense of being part of it and the characters came to life for me."

      Mordecai Siegal, Editor "The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book" - HarperCollins
      Judges comments: "Stood paws and whiskers above the rest."

VI. Non-Print Media

    Video Production
      Bryan Kortis and Emma Cobb "How to Perform a Mass Trapping" - Neighborhood Cats
      Judges comments: "Presents information I have not seen anywhere else in an extremely clear, comprehensive and compelling way."

    Radio Production
      Steve Dale "The Pet Minute With Steve Dale"
      Judges comments: "Conciseness is an art, demonstrated here in the voice of a master practitioner."

    Online Magazine
      Franny Syufy "" -
      Judges comments: "Very well-research and well-written."

    Online Article - Health and General Care
      Kathryn Hopper "Inhaled Medication-Feline Asthma" -

    Single Online Article - Other Topics
      Sandy Robins "Menagerie a Trois" -
      Judges comments: "Consistent, clear tone, great use of expert sources, focused and interesting. Bravo!"

    Online Column
      Kim Campbell Thornton "Creature Comforts" -
      Judges comments: She gave her readers enough information on the topics to be of use, but it wasn't overwhelming."

VII. Graphic Arts

    Single Photograph, black & white
      Sandra Toney "Kittens Stand Up to Play" - Catnip
      Judges comments: "This was so much fun!"

    Single Photograph, color
      Barbara Saunders "Nail Salon Skeptic" - Our Animals
      Judges comments: "She captures the complex play of emotions in the cat's face-wariness, trepidation, and ultimately, trust, with the result being that the image is indelibly printed on the viewer's mind."

    Photography Series, black & white
      Dusty Rainbolt and Weems Hutto "Shoppin', Showin' and Staking Out the Litter Box" - Catnip
      Judges comments: "The winning photos truly are pictures worth a thousand words."

      Drew Strouble "Pillow Talk" - CatManDrew
      Judges comments: "It captures the essence of CAT."

    Series of Illustrations
      Drew Strouble "CatManDrew Note Cards" - CatManDrew
      Judges comments: "I saw every cat I've ever had the privilege of knowing in these illustrations. Simply fantastic!"

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