Cat Writers' Association, Inc.

1997 CWA Communications Contest
Muse MedallionTM (*) & Certificate of Excellence Winners

Category I. Magazines & Newspapers

1: Yearbook/Annual

    CATS U.S.A. 1997 (Jane Calloway)
    *KITTENS U.S.A. 1997 (Jane Calloway)

2: Magazine

    *CAT FANCY (Jane Calloway)
    PET VIEW (Mary Redgrave)

3A: Magazine Article -- Feature on Health/Care

    Leslie Sinclair, DVM/Controlling URI (ANIMAL SHELTERING)
    *Diane Smith, CVT/Obeying the Carnivorous Imperative (CATS)
    H. Ellen Whitely, DVM/Feline Hyperthyroidism (CAT FANCY)

3B: Magazine Article -- Feature on Any Other Topic

    (30 entries - 2 awards given)
    *Wendy Christensen/Life of a Kitten (KITTENS USA)
    *Wendy Christensen/Understanding the Feline Mind (CAT FANCY)
    Karen Commings/Cats & Seniors (CAT FANCY)
    Carolyn Osier/What Kind of Kitten Is Mine? (CATS)

3C: Magazine Column

    Darlene Arden/Celebrities' Cats (CATS)
    Karen Commings/From One Cat Lover (CAT FANCY)
    *J. Anne Helgren/Cat Breeds (CATS)

4A: Newspaper Article, Feature, or News Story

    *Peter Mandel/Adventures of a Shelter Cat (PROVIDENCE JOURNAL-BULLETIN)
    Dusty Rainbolt/Pet Owners (LEWISVILLE LEADER)
    Fran Pennock Shaw/Alternative Treatments Make Their Way to Animals (LANCASTER INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL)

4B: Newspaper Column

    *Joanne Anderson/Pets, Pets, Pets (BABYLON BEACON)
    Steve Dale/My Pet World (TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES)

Category II. Newsletters or Regional Publications

1: Newsletter - Breed Specific

    *JPSA Newsletter (Teresa Salino-Hugg)

2: Others/Newsletter Format

    ALLEY CATS ACTION (Becky Robinson)
    *CATNIP (Gloria Parkinson)
    JUST CATS! (Nancy & Bob Hungerford)

3: Others/Magazine Format

    *OUR ANIMALS (Paul Glassner)

4: Article or feature (29 entries; certificate winners all scored 95 or above; 2 awards given)

    *Pamela Donegan/Let's Play (CATNIP)
    Pamela Dongean/Matter of Taste (CATNIP)
    Pamela Donegan/Your Cat's Skin (CATNIP)
    Gloria Parkinson/Why Vaccinate (CATNIP)
    Cheryl Smith/Future is Now in Pest Control (THE PET COMPANION)
    Sandra Toney/Does Gender Play a Role in Feline Behavior CATsumer REPORT)
    Jim Webster/Feuding Felines (CATNIP)
    *Jim Webster/Globe Trotters (CATNIP)

5: Column

    *Karen Commings/Menagerie (CENTRAL Pa.'S APPRISE)
    Nancy Marano/Cat Chat (PETROGLYPHS)
    Victoria Stoike/Voice for the Animals (ACTION MAGAZINE)

Category III. Short Story, Poetry, Humor, Miscellaneous

1: Short Story
    P. M. Griffin/The Neighbor (CATFANTASTIC)
    *Lyn McConchie/Death Song (CATFANTASTIC)
    Lyn McConchie/Swan Song (SPACE OPERA)

2: Poem

    *Betsy Stowe/Room in My Heart (laJOIE)
    Lee Wardlaw/A Cat's Christmas (CATS)

3: Book of Poetry

    *Karen Stanley/Purrceptions (Pegapuss Press)

4: Humor (Feature, Article, Book, Etc.)

    Joanne Anderson/Whitey and His 105-Year-Old Owner -- BABYLON BEACON
    *Julia Willis/Meow-Mories (Laugh Lines Press)

5: Series, Subject-Related (Entire Series) - No award given.

6: Brochure/Pamphlet

    *Barbara Allen/Acts of Kindness
    R. A. Okey/Paws That Refresh

Category IV. Books

1: Fiction
    Carole Nelson Douglas/CAT IN A FLAMINGO FEDORA (St. Martin's Press)
    Alex Matthews/SATAN'S SILENCE (Intrigue Press)
    *Shirley Rousseau Murphy/CAT UNDER FIRE (HarperCollins)

2: Children's - no entries

3: Care & Health (inc. Breeding, Medical, Grooming)

    *Lowell Ackerman, DVM/SKIN AND COAT CARE FOR YOUR CAT (TFH Publications)
    James DeBitetto, DVM/PRACTICAL KITTEN CARE (Howell Book House)
    Mark Evans/CAT DOCTOR: A GUIDE TO COMMON AILMENTS (Howell Book House)

4: Behavior & Training

    Lowell Ackerman, DVM/CAT BEHAVIOR & TRAINING (TFH Publications)
    *Pam Johnson/HISS AND TELL (Crossing Press)
    Chris Madsen/NATURAL CATS (Howell Book House)

5: Breed Books

    Karen Commings/THE SHORTHAIRED CAT (Howell Book House)
    Anna Sadler/THE LONGHAIRED CAT (Howell Book House)

6: Other

    Pearl Lau/CLAWED MONET'S BOOK OF FAMOUS CATS (Howell Book House)
    *John Avalon Reed/THE WHOLE KITTY CATALOG (Crown)
    Bob Walker/THE CATS' HOUSE (Andrews/McMeel)

Category V. Graphic Arts, Non-Print Media

1A: Photography/Black & White
    *Paul Glassner/Two Peas in a Pod (OUR ANIMALS)
    Lillian Zahrt/Exposures (DATEBOOK)

1B: Photography/Color

    *Donna Caton Blevins/Neko-Chan (KITTENS U.S.A.)
    Ginger Buck/Mikey Mouser (Humane Society Calendar)
    Vicky Grady/Daredevil Leap (CAT FANCY)

1C: Series of Photos or Photo Essay/Color - no award given

1D: Series of Photos or Photo Essay/Black & White

    *Paul Glassner/The Clean Team (OUR ANIMALS)

2: Illustration

    Debra Halborn/Ralph's World (self-published)
    Debra Halborn/Starcat Cluster (self-published)
    *Susan Lister Soltani/The Transfixed Tabby (self-published)

3: Series of Illustrations

    Mary Ellen Ramirez/Note Cards (self-published)
    Certificate only - no award given

4: Cartoons

    *Keith Robinson/What To Name Kitty (KITTENS USA)

5: Video

    Richard Colburn/S.O.C.K.S.
    *Donald Manelli/DOGS, CATS, & KIDS

6: Audio - no entries

Council of Directors' Special Recognition Award Winners

Fran Casselman, '97 Conference Seminar Chairperson
Diane Smith, CWA Secretary, 1996-1997

CWA President's Award (Best of the Best):

President's Award Winner

Vice President Michael Brim presents the President's Award (Best of the Best) to Diane Smith for her article, "Obeying the Carnivorous Imperative," which appeared in the November, 1996 issue of CATS Magazine

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