Cat Writers' Association, Inc.

1998 CWA Communications Contest
Muse MedallionTM (*) & Certificate of Excellence Winners

Category I. Magazines & Newspapers

1: Yearbook/Annual

    Cats USA
    Kittens USA *
    Kitten Guide

2: Magazine

    Cat Fancy *

3A: Magazine Article -- Feature on Health/Care

    Orphan Kittens, Karen Commings (Kittens USA)*
    Problem Eaters, Karen Commings (Cat Fancy)
    Answers to Cancer, Moira Allen (Cats)

3B: Magazine Article -- Feature on Any Other Topic

    Feline Facts A to Z, Danielle Laney (Kittens USA 1998-99)
    Human/Animal Abuse, Moira Allen (Cats)*
    Prelude to a Kitten/Susan Easterly (Kittens USA 1998-99)
    Are Cats Getting a Bad Rap?, Wendy Christensen (Cat Fancy)
    The Cat in the Garden, Wendy Christensen (Cat Fancy)

3C: Magazine Column

    From One Cat Lover, Karen Commings (Cat Fancy)
    Serving Animals, Susan Easterly (Cat Fancy)*
    Ask Dr. Deb, Deborah Eldridge (CATsumer Reports)
    Ask the Vets, Elaine Wexler-Mitchell (Cat Fancy)

4A: Newspaper Article, Feature, or News Story

    Pets Get Sun Cancer, Fran Pennock Shaw (Intelligencer Journal)
    Scarlett Saves Her Family, Ranny Green (Seattle Times)*
    Floid, Ranny Green (Seattle Times)

4B: Newspaper Column

    My Pet World, Steve Dale (Tribune Media Services)*
    Pets, Pets, Pets, Joanne Anderson (Babylon Beacon)*
    Concerning Animals, Joan Lowell Smith (The Star Ledger)

Category II. Newsletters or Regional Publications

1: Newsletter - Breed Specific

    1. Newsletter – Breed Specific ACCA Newsletter (Betsy Bloom, editor)*
    United Silver Fanciers’ Quarterly (Janice Reichle, editor)

2: Others/Newsletter Format

    Alley Cat Action (Louise Holton, editor)
    CATNIP (Gloria Parkinson, editor)*
    CATsumer Report (Judi & Ross Becker, editors)

3: Others/Magazine Format

    Our Animals (Paul Glassner)
    City & Country Pets (Nancy Egan)*
    TICA Trend (Cathy Welch)

4: Article or feature

    The Best Bet, T.J. Banks (Just Cats!)
    Changing Views on Vaccination, Vanessa Craft (CATNIP)
    Impeccable Grooming, Pamela Donegan (CATNIP)
    Anesthesia, Gloria Parkinson (CATNIP)*
    More Isn’t Necessarily Merrier, Pamela Donegan (CATNIP)

5: Column

    Making a Difference, TJ Banks (Just Cats!)*
    Dear Cats, Judi Becker (CATsumer Reports)

Category III. Short Story, Poetry, Humor, Miscellaneous

1: Short Story
    Tiger Dreaming, Lyn McConchie*
    People Like Us, Lyn McConchie
    Whiskey Bill, CJ Houghaling
    Also Known As Shadow, Sally Rosenthal

2: Poem

    Circle Cats,Betsy Stowe
    Symphony in Counterpoint, Betsy Stowe*
    Winning the Lottery, Betsy Stowe

3: Book of Poetry - no entries

4: Humor (Feature, Article, Book, Etc.)

    Cat Hymns, Stephen & Patti Thompson
    Reigning Cats & Dogs, Michael Hingley*
    The Cat Lover’s Quiz Tells All, Nancy Yates

5: Series, Subject-Related (Entire Series) -

    Year of the Shelter Animal, ASPCA*

6: Brochure/Pamphlet

    New Year Satellite, Dusty Rainbolt
    Persians (Cat Fancy)*

Category IV. Books

1: Fiction
    Cat Raise the Dead, Shirley Rousseau Murphy*

2: Children's - Certificate only, no medallion given.

    The Story of Alice, Ida Chamberlain

3: Care & Health (inc. Breeding, Medical, Grooming)

    Kitten Care, Mark Evans
    Heal Your Cat the Natural Way, Richard Allport
    The Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care, Amy D. Shojai*
    A Fun & Care Book: Cats!, Kate Zentall

4: Behavior & Training

    The Cat Who Cried for Help, Dr. Nicholas Dodman*
    Competability, Amy D. Shojai
    The Tiger Inside, David Alderton

5: Breed Books - no entries

6: Other

    Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds, J. Anne Helgren
    Housecat, Christine Church
    277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know, Paulette Cooper*
    Cats for Dummies, Gina Spadafori & Paul Pion, DVM, DACVIM

Category V. Non-Print Media

1: Video
    Puss in Books (Gary Roma)
    Fox News: Last Post spot (Ali Mrozkowski)
    Incredible Cat Tricks Starring Princess Kitty (Karen Payne & Edward Rasen)*

2: Audio

    Cat Hymns, Stephen & Patti Thompson

3. Electronic

    Pet Care Forum*
    Cat Chat Online

VI. Graphics Arts 1A: Photography/Black & White
    Earl Grey (After), Paul Glassner
    The Soul You Save, Najib Joe Hakim
    Opie’s Pub Shot, Betsy Stowe
    Harrison, the Office Cat, Paul Glassner
    Lillian Zahrt’s Cat, Lillian Zahrt*

1B: Photography/Color

    Cali in the Brush, Betsy Stowe*

1C: Series of Photos or Photo Essay/Color

    TFH Behavior, Betsy Stowe

1D: Series of Photos or Photo Essay/Black & White

    Ballantine Behavior, Betsy Stowe
    “Cats for Dummies” photos, Richard D. Schmidt
    Shelter Cats, Jerry Holloway
    Untitled, Lillian Zahrt
    Lillian Zahrt’s Cats, Lillian Zahrt*
    Not My Pet, Dusty Rainbolt

2: Illustration

    Blue Cat Balancing, Victoria Chick*
    Bones of Contention, Victoria Chick
    Siamese and a Salamander, Victoria Chick

3: Series of Illustrations

    Drew’s Cats, Drew Strouble*
    Cures for Cabin Fever, Wendy Christensen
    Cat Hymns, Stephen & Patti Thompson, Bruce Bigelow

4: Cartoons

    The Judi & Ross Wedding Portrait, Brian Lazar
    Catty-chisms, Judy Winthrop*

CWA President's Award (Best of the Best):

Shirley Rousseau Murphy, “Cat Raise the Dead”

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