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1999 Special Awards Winners


Winner: "My Pet World" (syndication) by Steve Dale
Judge, Tina Saunders, is a staff reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "The volume of Dale's work is most impressive. Not only does Dale impart basic and practical information, his features on cats who survived Oklahoma's tornadoes and pets suffering beside their human companions in war-torn Kosovo are most newsworthy."
Award: $500 and a crystal Baccarat cat.

CWA President Amy D. Shojai presents Steve Dale with one of three Muse Medallions he won this year, for Newspaper Article, Newspaper Column, and Radio Presentation. Steve was also the winner of the Friskies Publication of the Year Award for his syndicated newspaper column, 'My Pet World.'


Winner: The Complete Idiot's guide to a Healthy Cat (Howell) by Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM
Judge, Bobbie Grant, is a writer, reporter and editor at Sherman/Denison Herald Democrat. "This book offered the depth, thorough research, fondness for felines and professional knowledge necessary to introduce a new owner to what owning a cat is all about…I feel it may well become the "Dr. Spock" for cat owners."
Award: $500 and a crystal trophy award

Lara Strazdin presents the Iams Cat Food Responsible Cat Ownership Award to Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM for her book THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO A HEALTHY CAT (Howell Book House).


Winner: Cats Into Everything (Andrews-McMeel) by Bob Walker
Judge, Mark Chapman, is the books and travel editor for the Boston Herald. "Bob Walker chronicles his pets' interactions with the family in a series of amusing and entertaining anecdotes that help illuminate typical feline behavior-readers will come away with a new appreciation for the species. It is a must-read for anyone even considering adding a cat to the family."
Award: $500 and a commemorative trophy.


Winner: "Get Relief from Allergies" (Cats 12-98) by H. Ellen Whiteley, DVM
Judge, Diana L. Scollard, DVM, is a writer, lecturer and exhibitor/breeder of cats. "I graded presentations on the amount of subject matter covered, if the material was explained simply enough for the level of audience it was presented to, and how the author's bias directed the educational perspectives. Also I looked at the entertainment value. The winner's article was informative, slightly editorialized, but a tough subject handled smoothly with up to date and accurate information."
Award: $500 and a commemorative plaque.

H. Ellen Whiteley, DVM, winner of the Pet Care Forum Veterinary Issues Award for her article, "Get Relief from Allergies," which appeared in CATS, 12-98, and of the Muse MedallionTM for Magazine Article - Health or Care Topic, for her article "Transfusion Technology" (CATS, 7-98)


Winner: "Carnivore in the House" (Cat Fancy, 10-98) by Joanne Howl, DVM
Judge, Raymond Russo, DVM, is a veterinary nutritionist and writer. "A well-crafted piece, written with energy, insight and intelligence…makes a narrative of a scientific event, rendering it pleasurable rather than just explanatory. Because it is enjoyable reading, it has greater impact and lasting value."
Award: $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl

Amy Shojai presents Joanne Howl, DVM with the Purina Cat Chow Nutrition Award for her article, "Carnivore in the House," which appeared in CAT FANCY, 10-98. Joanne also received the Purina Cat Chow Special Care Health Award for her article, "Does Tabby Tip the Scale?" which appeared in TABBIES 98-99


Winner: "Does Tabby Tip the Scale?" (Tabbies 98-99) by Joanne Howl, DVM
Judge, Heather E. Lorimer, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of genetics at Youngstown State University and a cat breeder and writer. "(this) is an outstanding and important article on a feline health issue of "broad" impact…addresses the health consequences of feline obesity, how to tell whether your cat has a weight problem, and gives very sound and important advice on how to correct the problem. Many aspects of cat health, care and well-being are covered in the process…the article is written with technical accuracy, clarity, and wit."
Award: $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl


Winner: Hand-Raising the Orphaned Kitten (Barrons) by Myrna L. Papurt. DVM
Judge, Gloria Stephens, is a cat book author, TICA Genetics Chair and cat show judge. "This book is beautiful, organized, with excellent accuracy and writing. The writing was very easy to follow and straight to the point and would be extremely helpful if needed."
Award: $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.


Winner: "Dear Hobbes" (City + Country Pets) column by Dusty Rainbolt
Judge, Lorraine Shelton, is a bio-genetic researcher, former vet. tech, writer, book author, and cat breeder/exhibitor. "…Presented to Hobbes Egan for lending us his insight into the feline world. His translator, Dusty Rainbolt, presents Hobbes' thoughts on the behavioral benefits of neutering, the importance of providing cats with an outlet for their natural needs to scratch, and suggestions on ways owners can positively interact with their cats through play. With an eye towards the possible physical causes of behavioral problems….the author's casual approach makes this column both educational and enjoyable."
Award: $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

Amy Shojai presents Dusty Rainbolt with one of two Muse Medallions she won this year for Regional Publication Column and for Humor. Dusty was also the winner of the Tidy Cats Feline Behavior Award for her column, "Dear Hobbes," which appears in CITY & COUNTRY PETS.


Winner: "Denise Devours Kibbles" (photo from Cats Into Everything /Andrews McMeel) by Bob Walker
Judges, the contest committee: "Production values coupled with an unerring artist's eye for telling a story-with humor!-in an unconventional yet pleasing fashion."
Award: Commemorative plaque

Amy Shojai presents Bob Walker with the Kuykendall Image Award for his photograph, "Denise Devours Kibbles." Bob was also the winner of four Muse Medallions for Book (Other), Color Photograph, Series of Color Photographs, and Illustration, as well as the winner of the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award for his book, CATS INTO EVERYTHING (Andrews-McMeel).


Winner: "Icon for the Ages" (Tabbies) by Wendy Christensen
Judges, contest committee: "Distinctive and original writers "voice" throughout, coupled with outstanding research, this entry educates, entertains, and touches the reader on an emotional level that is remembered long afterwards."
Award: Commemorative plaque

Wendy Christensen, winner of this year's CWA President's Award for her article, "Icon for the Ages," appearing in the special magazine publication, TABBIES 1998-1999 (Fancy Publications)

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