MuseThis is a message from your CWA Contest Chair, Arden Moore.

And the certificate goes to….possibly you! We have just tabulated the judging scores for the entries for the 2015 Cat Writers’ Association Communication Contest. This annual contest drew nearly 300 entries in 37 categories – and yes, one person did earn a perfect score.

If you haven’t done so, please book your reservations now to attend the annual CWA conference June 23-25 at the Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix). We’re teaming up with the 2016 BlogPaws Conference – double the opportunity to network and bolster your journalistic skills.

And, remember, the top score in each category will win the coveted Muse medallion. MUSE medallions and other CWA awards will be presented at the 22nd annual CWA Awards Banquet, to be held on Friday, June 24, 2016, during the conference.

We give “paws and applause” to all of you CWA professional members who graciously stepped up to serve as judges for this year’s contest.

We are pleased to announce that the following entrants scored 90 or higher (based on averaging from three judges in each category) to become finalists and earn Certificates of Excellence:

CWA 2015 Communication Contest
Certificate of Excellence Winners

1.1 Magazine National Circulation (no entries)

1.2 Magazine Article/Health & General Care
Bahner, Sally E. – Grooming Longhaired Cats
Barnes, Deborah – New Kitty on the Block
Dorn, Andrea – Don’t Let Plants Be Killers
Griffin, Brenda – What’s That Bug in Your Ear, Kitty?
Marek, Ramona – Cognitive Dysfunction in Cats
Sharp, Michael – What Goes Down
Shaw, Fran Pennock – An Aggressive Foe
Shaw, Fran Pennock – Little Kitty, Big Appetite

I.3 Magazine Article/Behavior & Training
Yin, DVM, Sophia – Young Cats, New Tricks

I.4 Magazine Article/Rescue & Advocacy
Antoniades, Kate – She Longed to Be Part of Their World
Fry, Patricia – Chose Your Cat’s Godparents
Funkhouser, Maggie – From Loved Companions to Vilified Killers
Hettinger, James – Change for the Better In Chico
Hettinger, James – The Road to Happy Returns
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Spectacular Seniors
Lange, Karen E. – Fostering Hope
Peterson, Nancy – The Purrpose of Life
Wynn, Bethany – Three Mascoteers

I.5 Magazine Article – Any Other Topic
Bangs, BJ – Visit 50 Places for Your Cat Fix
Hess, Catherine – The Cat’s Meow
Kennedy, Bianca Lundien – A Bond Beyond Illness
Shaw, Fran Pennock – The Meaning of Meow
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Wild Cats of the Americas

I.6 Magazine Column
Kelley, JaneA – Recessionista
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Who’s That Cat?

II.1 Newspaper Article – Health & General Care (no entries)

II.2 Newspaper Article – Behavior & Training (no entries)

II.3 Newspaper Article/Rescue&Advocacy
Reeder, Jen – Cat Crusader

II.4 Newspaper Article – Any Other Topic (no entries)

II.5 Newspaper Column
Ewing, Susan M. – The Pet Pen

III.1 Newsletter/Breed Specific (no winners)

III.2 Newsletter/National Circulation (no entries)

III.3 Newsletter/Regional Or Membership
Holton, Louise – Alley Cat Mews

III.4 Newsletter/Health & General Care
Deneen, Sally – Can Treats Make Them Pack on Pounds?
Shaw, Fran Pennock – Special Renal Diets Can Lengthen Lives
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Living Fully to the Last Moment

III.5 Newsletter Article/Behavior & Training (no entries)

III.6 Newsletter Article/Rescue/Advocacy (no winners)

III.7 Newsletter Article/Any Other Topic
Funkhouser, Maggie – Cats and Coyotes Living in Harmony
Marek, Ramona D. – Estate Planning and Your Pets

III.8 Newsletter Column
Garson, Lyn T. – Technically Speaking

IV.1 Short Story
Holm, Catherine – Sideways

IV.2 Poem
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Upon Seeing Himself in a Mirror
Mohr, Linda A. – Morning Visitor
Willett, Susan C. – Haiku By Cat: Drifting
Willett, Susan C. – Haiku By Cat: River
Willett, Susan C. – Haiku By Cat: Counterintuitive

IV.3 Humor
Nolan, Allia Zobel – Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much

IV.4 Brochure, Pamphlet or Short Publication (no entries)

IV.5 Annual or Long Publication (no winners)

IV.6 Opinion Piece
Rainbolt, Dusty – January Is Celebration of Life Month
Reeder, Jen – Let’s Discuss Pets During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

IV.7 PR/Humane Education Press Kits
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Homeless Cat Management

V.1 Books Fiction
Boneham, Sheila Webster – Catwalk
Douglas, Carole Nelson – Cat In A Yellow Spotlight
Powell, Lisa Annette – Catskill: First of Catskill Trilogy
Shojai, Amy – Show and Tell

V.2 Books for Children
Newman, Lesléa – Ketzel, The Cat Who Composed

V.3 Books Health & General Care
Holton, Louise – Alley Cat Rescue’s Guide to Managing Community Cats
Robins, Sandy – The Original Cat Bible
Shojai, Amy – Cat Facts: The A-to-Z Pet Parent’s Home Care Encyclopedia

V.4 Books: Behavior & Training (no winners)

V.5 Books: Gift (no entries)

V.6 Books: Poetry (no entries)

V.7 Books – Other
Barnes, Deborah – Purr Prints of the Heart
Booras, Christine M. – Me, My Ferals And I
Garza, Janiss – Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats Through Their Eyes
Hodges, Pamela – Color the Cats
McKowen, Dahlynn – Not Your Mother’s Book on Cats
McKowen, Ken – Not Your Mother’s Book on Cats
Reichenbach, Rick – How to Take Beautiful Pictures of Your Cat
Webb, Margie Yee – Not Your Mother’s Book on Cats

VI.1 Video, CD, DVD or TV Production
Richman, Lisa – Our Wish

VI.2 Broadcast, Audio – Any Format (no entries)

VII.1 Online Magazine or Newsletter (no entries)

VII.2 Online Article/Health & General Care
Eldredge, DVM, Deb M. – Eye Problems in Kittens
Eldredge, DVM, Deb M. – Bad Breath Solutions for Pets
Eldredge, DVM, Deb M. – Common Eye Problems of Old Cats
Eldredge, DVM, Deb M. – What to Expect With Kitten Teething
Eldredge, DVM, Deb M. – What to Expect When A Young Cat Is In Heat
Kladnik, Marci – How I Lost JD – My Heart Kitten
Kladnik, Marci – How to Help Cats with Skin Cancer
Palika, Liz – Helping Your Cat Through a Feline Upper Respiratory Infection
Peterson, Nancy – One More Reason to Book Your Cat’s Next Vet Checkup Today
Rainbolt, Dusty – Researchers Study Kitten Mortality
Reeder, Jen – Missing
Richman, Lisa – The Weird Science of Cats’ Ears
Richman, Lisa – Blindness in Cats Comes From An Unexpected Source
Richman, Lisa – 5 Facts You Need to Know About Injection Site Sarcoma
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Happy Kitten Vet Visit
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Feline Diabetes
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Catch It Early

VII.3 Online Article/Behavior & Training
Ahrens, Tracy – Does Your Cat Ever Hide His Toys Around the House?
Garza, Janiss – 5 Myths About Cat Walking
Mlynar, Phillip – My Cat Fought My Plants – And My Cat Won
Shenold, Carol – Does Your Cat Have Any Behaviors That Drive You Crazy?
Shojai, Amy – 9 Litter Box Problems and How to Fix Them
Shojai, Amy – Can Cats Use Dog Doors?
Shojai, Amy – How to Manage Food Aggression in Cats
Shojai, Amy – How to Train Your Cat to Use an Automatic Litter Box

VII.4 Online Article/ Rescue & Advocacy
Bahner, Sally E. – Community Kitty Casualty of Harsh Winter Conditions
Barnes, Deborah – Any Cat Can Be Feral…Even Yours
Becker, Dr. Marty – Adoption Action
Becker, Mikkel – Adoption Action
Garza, Janiss – PJ Was Abandoned Because He Was Too Fat for His Litter Box
Kelley, JaneA – My Cat’s Christmas Wish Came True
Kladnik, Marci – Blind Kitten Finds a Friend and Home
Kladnik, Marci – How One Massive TNR Project Broke My Heart and My Spirit
Kladnik, Marci – How to Properly Feed a Colony of Feral Cats
Mlynar, Phillip – Opie and His Feral Colony Were Saved in a Daring Rescue
Mlynar, Phillip – How to Get a Chill Cat
Palika, Liz – 8 Ways To Held Adjust a Newly Adopted Cat
Peterson, Nancy – It’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month
Peterson, Nancy – Helping Feral Cats Is Up to You
Reeder, Jen – Undercats Get a Second Chance from Milo’s Sanctuary
Thornton, Kim Campbell – Adoption Action
Willingham, Kezia – Meet Grace June

VII.5 Online Article/Any Other Topic
Ahrens, Tracy – Does Your Cat Go Through Life on His Back? Mine Does
Bahner, Sally E. – From Russia With Love
Barnes, Deborah – My Cats and Our Shared Water Cooler Moments
Dodero, Camille – Corporate Cats Still Suck
Garza, Janiss – Hotel Cat: 10 Tips
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Sometimes This Is What Cat Rescue Looks Like
Kelley, JaneA – Want to Bring Your Cat To Work?
Mohr, Linda A. – 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats
Mohr, Linda A. – What My Terminally Ill Cat Taught Me
Mohr, Linda A. – Aftermath
Palika, Liz – Pet Loss: The Five Stages of Grief
Palika, Liz – 7 Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Purr
Peterson, Nancy – 8 Tips to Make Sure Your Cat is Prepared for a House Fire
Peterson, Nancy – Keeping Out Old Man Winter
Pittman, Vicky – Introducing Cats to Children
Rainbolt, Dusty – Random Acts of Kindness
Thornton, Kim Campbell – The Eyes Have It
Willett, Susan – 15 Things Robot Designers Can Learn From Cats

VII.6 Online Column
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Homeless Cat Management Team Volunteer Profile
Mlynar, Phillip – Monday Miracle Column
Rainbolt, Dusty – Ask Einstein

VIII.1 Blog: Health & General Care (no winners)

VIII.2 Blog: Behavior & Training – 3 blog posts (no entries)

VIII.3 Blog: Rescue & Advocacy – 3 blog posts (no entries)

VIII.4 Blog Entertainment
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – The Creative Cat
Richman, Lisa – Feline Film Noir

VIII.5 Blog/ Any Other Topic
Garza, Janiss – Sparkle Cat Featuring Summer
Hodges, Pamela – Pooh Hodges
Lapierre, Melissa – Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows

VIII.6 Website (no entries)

IX.1 Black and White Photograph (Single) (no entries)

IX.2 Black and White Photographs (Series) (no entries)

IX.3 Color Photograph Single
Garson, Lyn T. – Open Wide and Say Meow
Richman, Lisa – Post-Holiday Fangs
Thornton, Jerry – Jaguar – Wild Cats of the Americas

IX.4 Color Photographs Series
Kladnik, Marci – How One Massive TNR Project Broke My Heart and My Spirit
Richman, Lisa – Rules of the Game

IX.5 Photographic Art
Booras, Christine M. – Me, My Ferals And I
Rainbolt, Dusty – Coming Soon To TV: Catnado
Richman, Lisa – Inspire Your Art with Heart

IX.6 Cartoon
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – One Long Kitty
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Fun Things Bella Does With Her Tail
Piro, Stephanie – Picky
Piro, Stephanie – Dream

IX.7 Illustration Single
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Kennedy
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Snowy Morning
Solomon, Cori – Jake and Bailey

IX.8 Illustrations Series
Kazmarski, Bernadette E. – Klepto Cat Mystery
O’Neill, Ewa – I Want A Cat: My Opinion Essay

Congratulations to all Certificate of Excellence winners! You will receive your Certificates in the mail, soon.

Remember – check out all the details about the BlogPaws Conference and the associated CWA seminars, events and speakers You must register for the Conference and Awards Banquet separately. (The Awards Banquet is free, but you must register.)

Congrats to all the certificate winners! We will see YOU in Arizona in June!

Arden Moore
CWA Contest Chair

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  1. When is the next submission date for writers/book awards?
    My nonfiction book, “My Patients Like Treats” is about my cat and dog, and other critter, patients and their people.
    It is listed on Amazon.

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