Some Purrfect St. Patrick’s Day Luck For You

You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. According to U.S. News a reported 127 million Americans will celebrate this holiday and spend a lot of green. Last year revelers spent 4.8 million. As an old-fashioned antidote, I created a collage of vintage and modern elements. It’s free to share on social media. May you enjoy the day with a furry friend or two. After all, what could be luckier?

vintage st. patrick's day cats

2 Replies to “Some Purrfect St. Patrick’s Day Luck For You”

  1. Hallo to all ,

    I am Jana Zastěrová from Prague , I am jurist and from time to time I write to the magazine “Ours Cats” /Naše kočky/.
    Recently, I wanted to write something about St. Catrick Day and I needed to know about the o r i g i n of this celebration
    / w h e n started this tradition of the cats ? / , but I was not able to find relevant informations /f.e. in the Wikipedia/.
    And this is my appeal : can somebody advise me w h e r e I can
    search for this knowledge ?
    Many, many, many thanks in advance !!!

    Jana Zástěrová

    P.S. Please, excuse my English – I am francophon… J.Z.

  2. To Layla Morgan Wilde :

    Your collage is wonderful and superb !!!
    I like it very, very much !!!

    J. Zástěrová

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