The Art of a Cat Lover’s Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Teresa Harrison-Best, one of our members from the U.K. kindly send one of her witty poems and illustrations about mothers from a cat’s perspective. Be sure to see her other Mother’s Day poem and illustrations at her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter

Did you know in the U.K. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent? Since the Lent days are not fixed, the date for Mothers Day changes every year. This year mothers were honored on March 15.

Mother's Day cats cartoon

Our Mother

She’s not bad for a human
in fact she’s rather cool.
A diamond in a million,
a really special jewel.

She loves us absolutely,
despite what we may do.
A woman that’s forgiving,
a trooper through and through.

At four o’clock this morning,
she screamed with such delight.
The mouse we brought her from outside,
we think she found alright.

She even joined us in our game
to find the mouse once more.
A generous gesture shown by her
she’d opened the front door.

The food we get is pretty good,
quite often it is hers.
We always show our gratitude
with stacks and stacks of purrs!

Her folded laundry is superb,
luxuriant and soft.
We always clamber to the top
to slumber there aloft.

If the folded laundry pile subsides,
she doesn’t get too mad.
A little grumble here and there,
but nothing really bad!

We know she really loves us,
she tells us all the time.
She not bad for a human,
as our mother she’s sublime!

~Teresa Harrison-Best



Mother's Day- cat mom
Happy Cat Mom Day from the editor’s assistant, Merlin.

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