Cats as Muses for the New Year & New Possibilities

DebRolzThere is no doubt with the onset of a New Year that it is an opportunity for new possibilities and personal rejuvenation. As members of the Cat Writers’ Association it gives us time to reflect on new projects that we may finally feel ready to pursue, such as starting a blog that has been an idea in the back of our mind, or perhaps it is an oath to follow through on an old project that got put to the side for whatever reason.

For many of us, last year was difficult and waking up with a renewed attitude can be an easier said than done mindset. Life is far from ideal and the best laid plans or intentions have a tendency to derail along the way. As a result of that, we often allow our fears, failures, insecurities, and current circumstances to hold us back from taking that leap of faith to starting new beginnings. In those instances, we need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and learn from those we love and admire on a daily basis – our cats.

It’s true. How many times have you seen a cat jump to the top of something that seemed impossibly high? Often they do it in one swift, single leap. But if they can’t make it, they either try again, or they find another way to get up there. The point is, they don’t give up and they take the battles and obstacles in front of them as challenges to overcome.

This thought process works across the board for all of us who work for the well-being of cats through whatever communication method and it applies whether you have been a member of the Cat Writers’ Association for years, or have just joined, or are thinking of joining. For all of us, rather than focusing on what we don’t have or what we think we can’t do, insurmountable issues in our mind, if we decided to adapt to circumstances rather than let them define or defeat us, those adaptations become victories, no matter how small or large they may be. In other words, if you allow yourself mental flexibility and break down the rigid constraints of your world, you are more likely to encounter the positive in life rather than the negative because you are open to new possibilities.

The black and white of it – you have to start somewhere. Sometimes that means reinventing yourself, sometimes it is following a dream, and sometimes it is the willingness to venture into areas that are out of your comfort zone. The point is, you have to try or you will never know. If it is a new job you are pursuing, keep your mind open by learning new skills and by applying for positions that you might otherwise pass by. Or if this is the year that you plan on writing a book, then do it. You don’t have to write a best-selling novel, but you at least have to get the ball rolling by starting with the first sentence. If you are looking for a new relationship whether personal or business wise, take the first step and say hello to that person, if you are looking to end one, take that first step in saying goodbye.

Whatever it is for you, no matter how large or small the goal, just be kind to yourself and others. And remember that it is okay to have failures, it is okay to say no, and it is okay to take time for you. Life is fleeting and we don’t get a rewind button so we need to make the most out of each moment we are blessed to have. And sometimes the greatest moments and personal victories we have are those that are the simplest – a good book, a warm cup of coffee, and a cat snuggled on our lap to cleanse the mind and soul…

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