CWA Announces Certificate of Excellence Winners

CWA Announces Certificate of Excellence Winners

The scores have been tallied, and it’s time to announce the CWA Communications Contest’s Certificate of Excellence winners for the calendar year 2017.

Judges — volunteers from CWA’s professional members — looked over the entries in each category and scored them according to strict criteria. Each category had three judges, and the entries that averaged 90 or above out of a possible 100 earned a Certificate of Excellence.

All Certificate of Excellence winning entries are now finalists for the MUSE Medallion in their category. MUSE Medallions (plus Special Awards) will be presented to the winners at the CWA Annual Awards Banquet, to be held on Saturday, June 9, 2018, in conjunction with the CWA Conference in Houston, TX. You won’t want to miss the conference and banquet: click here to find out details and register.

Congratulations to the following Certificate of Excellence Winners:

I.1 Monthly Magazine: National
Keiger, Teresa — Cat Talk magazine
• October 2017 issue
• December 2017 issue
• June 2017 issue

I.2 Magazine Article: Health & General Care
Thornton, Kim — New Advice on Sterilizing Kittens: Earlier is Better

I.3 Magazine Article: Behavior & Training
No entries

I.4 Magazine Article: Rescue/Advocacy
Jackson, Candine Lee — Hawaii’s Cat Sanctuary

I.5 Magazine Article: Any Other Topic
Drury, Lucy — Cat Genetics 101 – Part 1: The Basics
Drury, Lucy — Cat Genetics 101 – Part 2: Feline Genetic Testing
Jackson, Candine Lee — How’d They Do That? The Story Behind the “Cat Herders” Commercial
Mlynar, Phillip — Steppin’ Out with Adventure Cats
Mlynar, Phillip — Cat Lady Revolution
Reeder, Jen — Holy Guacamole

I.6 Magazine Column
Kelley, JaneA — Life with Cattitude: Keep it Clean

II.1 Newspaper Article: Health & General Care
No entries

II.2 Newspaper Article: Behavior & Training
No entries

II.3 Newspaper Article: Rescue/Advocacy
Reeder, Jen — Oldies but Goodies

II.4 Newspaper Article: Any Other Topic
No entries

II.5 Newspaper Column
Camp, Deborah —
The Best of the Pet World
Some Animals Rely on Strangers for Survival
Pets are Part of Our Family — vets are too
Lost Kitty Found through Social Media

III.1 Newsletter: Breed Specific
No entries

III.2 Newsletter: National Circulation
Eldredge, Deb M. DVM (with Cindy Foley DVM) — Cornell University CatWatch
Foley, Cindy DVM (with Deb M. Eldredge DVM) — Cornell University CatWatch
Holton, Louise — Alley Cat Rescue Winter 2017 Annual Report
Holton, Louise — Alley Cat Rescue Spring 2017 Newsletter
Holton, Louise — Alley Cat Rescue Fall 2017 Newsletter

III.3 Newsletter: Regional or Membership Circulation
No entries

III.4 Newsletter Article: Health & General Care
Eldredge, Deb M., DVM — Take Charge of your Cat’s Dental Health
Eldredge, Deb M., DVM — Senior Cats Need your Attention
Eldredge, Deb M., DVM — alitosis in Cats
Marek, Ramona — The Trigger for FISS Remains a Mystery
Marek, Ramona — Caring for the At-Home Cancer Patient
Thornton, Kim — Ticks become a Full-Time Menace
Thornton, Kim — Research looks at Skin Microbiome of Cats

III.5 Newsletter Article: Behavior & Training
Eldredge, Kate — Teach your Cat to Like her Carrier

III.6 Newsletter Article: Rescue/Advocacy
Carl, Matt — ACR Sends Team to Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

III.7 Newsletter Article: Any Other Topic
Eldredge, Kate — Traveling with your Cat
Marek, Ramona — Make Sure your Cat’s Microchip Works!

III.8 Newsletter Column
Garson, Lyn T. — Technically Speaking:
Can Cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Live Happy, Healthy Lives?
Timothy’s View
Keep your Pets, Get Rid of your Allergies

IV.1 Short Story
Barnes, Deborah — Jazmine’s Story… By Mr. Jazz
DeLouise, Debbie — The Path to Rainbow Bridge
Holm, Catherine — The Ragdoll’s Dance
Hunt, Mollie — The Dream Spinner
Kelley, JaneA — Belladonna: Sweet Sugar Kitty
Lapierre, Melissa — My Visit to the Rainbow Bridge: A Short Story
Richman, Lisa — Allie: My Fair Kitten
Willett, Susan — Jewish Cat’s Purr-spective on Hanukkah and Christmas

IV.2 Poem
Hunt, Mollie — Tyler
Willett, Susan — Haiku by Cat: Liquids
Willett, Susan — Haiku by Cat: Evil
Willett, Susan — Haiku by Cat: Broccoli

IV.3 Humor
No Certificate winners

IV.4 Brochure, Pamphlet, or Short Publication
No entries

IV.5 Annual or Long Publication
Gregg, Paula — 2018 Blogging Cats Weekly Planner
Kazmarski, Bernadette — Rescue, Foster, Rehome, Repeat 2018: Pittsburgh C.A.T. Calendar

IV.6 Opinion Piece, Essay, or Editorial
No Certificate winners

IV.7 PR / Humane Education / Press Kits
Grant, Brianna — Alley Cat Rescue calls on Australian municipality to reverse community cat bounty

V.1 Books: Fiction
Faber, Elaine — All Things Cat
Hunt, Mollie — Cat Call
McConchie, Lyn — Bastet’s Daughters
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau — Cat Shining Bright
Simon, Clea — As Dark as My Fur
Ward, Sandi — The Astonishing Thing
Watkins, Eileen — The Persian Always Meows Twice

V.2 Books: For Children
Redinger, Austin — Caring for your Kitty

V.3 Books: Health & General Care
No entries

V.4 Books: Behavior & Training
No entries

V.5 Books: Gift
Wilde, Layla Morgan — Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images

V.6 Books: Poetry
Pittman, Vicky — Cat Haiku: Sweet Verses

V.7 Books: Other
Fleck, Denise — The Pet Safety Crusader’s My Pet & Me Guide to Disaster PAWparedness
Garza, Janiss — Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes
Lerner, Sandy — Caticons: 4000 Years of Art Imitating Cats
Telson, Jeffyne — Cat Tails: Heartwarming Stories about the Cats and Kittens of ResQCats

VI.1 Video, DVD or TV Production
Carl, Matt — How to Trap, Neuter, Return Feral/Community Cats

VI.2 Broadcast, Audio — Any Format
No entries

VII.1 Online Magazine or Newsletter
No entries

VII.2 Online Article: Health & General Care
Bahner, Sally — Taming the Longhair’s Locks
Kelley, JaneA — Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?
Lapierre, Melissa — Mudpie’s Vaccination Scare… And What We’ll Do Differently Next Time
Marek, Ramona — Proper Feline Diet Is Not Vegan
Thornton, Kim — Skin Deep
Thornton, Kim — Kitten Fix
Thornton, Kim — Claw and Order
Willett, Susan — Almost as Good as a Spa Day: Taking Your Cat to the Vet Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful
Willett, Susan — 8 Ways (And a Whole Bunch of Tips) To Make Your Cat Happy, and Keep Your Cat Healthy

VII.3 Online Article: Behavior & Training
Bahner, Sally — Clawful Behavior
Barnes, Deborah — With Cats and the Holidays, It’s Not About Who’s Naughty or Nice, It”s About Cat Behavior
Barnes, Deborah — Is your Cat Feeling Stir Crazy? 10 Tips to Relieve Boredom in an Everyday Environment
Barnes, Deborah — Cat that Doesn’t Like to be Hugged? He or She Might Be More Affectionate Than You Think
Garza, Janiss — Leash Training for a Happier, More Confident Cat
Garza, Janiss — How to Introduce Yourself to a Cat: 5 Cat-Centric Tips
Marek, Ramona — Get the Scoop on Litter Box Behavior
Marek, Ramona — Fraidy Cat? How to Recognize Signs of Fear, Anxiety and Stress
Munera, Jacqueline — Cat Training: “But it’s So Difficult!”
Nakchbendi, Yasaar — Why Food Puzzles are Vital to Cat Health
Thornton, Kim — Kitty Come Home

VII.4 Online Article: Rescue/Advocacy
Garza, Janiss — Change a Pet’s Life Today: The Art of Fostering Kittens
Kazmarski, Bernadette — TNR With a Side of Adoption and Outreach
Kazmarski, Bernadette — The Kitten Game
White, Dawn — A Haven for Cats on Long Island: The Patricia H.
Ladew Foundation

VII.5 Online Article: Any Other Topic
Ahrens, Tracy — How to Sing to your Cats
Bahner, Sally — A Kitty for Christmas? Preparation is Key
Barnes, Deborah — How I Overcame my Fear of the Veterinarian for National Take your Cat to the Vet Day
Barnes, Deborah — 10 Tips to Help Children with the Death of a Pet Cat
Dawson, Marjorie — The Cat DNA Test from Basepaws: A Journey of Discovery for Cat Health
Garza, Janiss — Therapy Cat Rules
Garza, Janiss — How to Travel with your Cat on an Airplane
Grant, Brianna — Anne Arundel County Residents: Ask your Council Members to Support Bill 96-17
Lapierre, Melissa — A Decade of Tortitude: The Magic & Mystique of my Heart Cats
Lapierre, Melissa — 5 Ways Catios Make Cats Happy & Healthy
Simon, Clea — Musetta in the Bardo
Stultz, Beth — 5 Tips for Purr-fect Cat-Sitting Visits
Thornton, Kim — Purr Therapy
Willett, Susan — What Happens to the Cat on Stranger Things? A spoiler for animal lovers

VII.6 Online Column
Lapierre, Melissa — The Purrfect 10
• The Purrfect 10: Things to Know about Microchipping your Cat
• The Purrfect 10: Ways to Keep your Cat Properly Hydrated
• he Purrfect 10: Fascinating Facts about the Devon Rex
Mlynar, Phillip — Social Cat of the Week
• Munster the Werewolf Cat Stalks, Leaps… and Naps
• Fredrick, Lilly and Franklin Are Painting Instagram Orange
• Instagram Fame Might Be Only a First Step for Two-Tone Yana
Mlynar, Phillip — Monday Miracle
• Pooh the Cat Lost His Back Legs — Then Got New Ones
• Meatwad, Missing 2 Legs and 1 Ear, Is a “Blur of White Fluff”
• Bullet the Cat Got His Name From What Almost Killed Him

VIII.1 Blog: Health & General Care
Fry, Patricia — Catscapades blog: Keeping your Cat Healthy
• Newsday Tuesday: Protect your Cat’s Health the Smart Way
• Newsday Tuesday: Cat Claws Laws and Care
• Thoughts for Thursday: Don’t Feed That to your Cat!

VIII.2 Blog: Behavior & Training
Hunt, Mollie — Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and More blog
• How to Play with Cats
• 10 Ways to “Cat” in 2017
• Friday Feline Facts & Fancies, Sleight of Hand
Nakchbendi, Yasaar — Chirpy Cats blog: The Pathway to your Cat’s Heart Is Through His World
• 5 Essential Must-Haves for a Happy Chirpy Cat
• 7 Tips to turn your Bully Cat into a Team Player
• The Litter Box Rule that Cat Owners should Not Ignore

VIII.3 Blog: Rescue/Advocacy
Hunt, Mollie — Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and More
• Adopting a Senior Cat
• Black Cat Appreciation Day
• Remember Me Thursday

VIII.4 Blog: Entertainment
Aurit, Anita — Feline Opines blog: The World From a Feline Point Of View
• Oliver and Alberto Get Fearless
• A Feline’s Guide to Treadmill Snoopervising your Human
• The Three Feline Rules Regarding Furniture
Nakchbendi, Yasaar — Chirpy Cats blog: Scratching Posts Secrets Revealed
• The Silent Treatment
• Cats Scratch Their Sticky Note Texts
• The Watercooler of the Cat World

VIII.5 Blog: Any Other Topic
Fry, Patricia — Catscapades blog: Series on Travel with Cats
• Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday: How to take your cat Anywhere
• Newsday Tuesday: The Cat’s Passport
• Mindful Monday: Cats Riding in Cars
Kelley, JaneA — Paws and Effect
• How can I Keep my Senior Cat Healthy?
• How to deal with Inappropriate Urination
• What Color was the Father of our Kittens?

VIII.6 Website
Fitzsimons, Helen — Tanya’s Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

IX.1 Black & White Photograph (Single)
No Certificate winners

IX.2 Black & White Photography (Series)
Carl, Matt — Babies Bath Time

IX.3 Color Photograph (Single)
Carl, Matt — Diva Cat
Garza, Janiss — Summer Fun
Garza, Janiss — Making Friends
Richman, Lisa  — Groundhog “Job Shadow” Day
Willett, Susan — Elsa Clair rules the stairs
Willett, Susan — Calvin is shocked

IX.4 Color Photograph (Series)
No Certificate winners

IX.5 Photographic Art
Richman, Lisa — Maxwell’s Musings

IX.6 Cartoon
Piro, Stephanie — Me-Out
Piro, Stephanie — Attack
Piro, Stephanie — Align
Runcie-Unger, Marc-André (storyboards, blog, with Elisabetta Palmieri, drawing) — Three cartoon posts from Katzenworld blog
• Adventures of Oliver & Nubia: The Struggles of Nubia
• Adventures of Oliver & Nubia: Oliver and the @Amazonecho, what will he do?
• Merry Christmas
Palmierei, Elsabetta (drawing, with Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger) — Three cartoon posts from Katzenworld blog
• Adventures of Oliver & Nubia: The Struggles of Nubia
• Adventures of Oliver & Nubia: Oliver and the @Amazonecho, what will he do?
• Merry Christmas

IX.7 Illustration (Single)
Nakchbendi, Yasaar — 5 Ways to a Happy, Enriched Cat
• Happy Cat Month graphic
• Happy Cat Month pin

IX.8 Illustration (Series)
Franco, Widad — Widycat Cat Calendar
Kazmarski, Bernadette — Book cover illustration and design: Klepto Cat Mystery Series 21-26
• Merriment, Mayhem and Meows
• A Christmas to Purr About
• Cattywampus Travels
• Cats in the Belfry
• CATalyst for Clues
• The Perilous PURRsuit
Nakchbendi, Yasaar — Caturday Doodles: Scratching Post Secrets Revealed
• Lexi Leaves a Message for Lola
• Lola
• Ollie
• Why your Cat Scratches and What it Means
• Doodle — Pixie
• Doodle — Pixie and Zorro: How Cats Send Text Messages
• Caturday Doodle: Zorro
Nichols, Karen — Cat Scouts 2018 Calendar
Redinger, Austin — Caring for your Kitty

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