Protected: 2014 Annual Minutes

Friday morning, October 31, 2014 — breakfast starting at 9:45 a.m.

The meeting was officially called to order by Dusty Rainbolt, CWA president, at 8:45 a.m.
Current officers and directors attending: Dusty Rainbolt, president; Su Ewing, past president; and board members B.J. Bangs, Joan Miller, and Amy Shojai.
No one volunteered to take minutes of the meeting; Amy Shojai provides this recap, after the fact.

The Council of Directors requests that member who attended and has additions/corrections to please send those to

Approximately 30 CWA members and nonmembers were present.


Dusty Rainbolt and Su Ewing led a discussion about the challenges involved in the 2014 partnership with BarkWorld. Many felt the unexpected “changing of the guard” due to Lorie Huston’s tragic and untimely death, coupled with the lack of communication between CWA and BarkWorld, created an atmosphere of frustration and disorganization. The general consensus was to seek other venues/partnerships going forward.

Secretary’s report: There was no report.

Treasurer’s report: It was announced that the full year-end treasurer’s report will be published in the next regular newsletter.

Old Business:
Contest Committee: It was happily noted that contest entries were up this year. Marci Kladnik, contest chair, said there were 210 special award entries (up by 40) and 325 regular category entries (up by 66) over 2013.
There were no other committee or coordinator reports.

New Business: Election of new board members:
The report of the Nominating Committee was presented by Fran Shaw. The nominating committee, consisting of B.J. Bangs, chair; Linda Kay Hardie, and Barbara Florio Graham unanimously proposed the following slate for officers and directors for 2015:

  • President: Marci Kladnik
  • Vice President: B.J. Bangs
  • Secretary: Wendy Christensen
  • Treasurer: Lynn Miller
  • Council of Directors Class of 2015: Deb Barnes (completing B.J. Bangs’ vacated term)
  • Council of Directors Class of 2016: Layla Morgan Wilde, Linda Miles

Motion was made to accept the slate, seconded, and elected by a unanimous voice vote.
Retiring from Council directors Angie Bailey, Joan Miller, Allia Zobel Nolan, and Robin A.F. Olson were recognized and thanked for their service. Marci said she was honored to be elected president and thanked everyone for their confidence and trust.

Other Business:
The featured speaker was Audrey Pavia, representing Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA).
Dusty Rainbolt presented several larger door prize items that Nancy Peterson had arranged.
There was no other new business or reports from the floor.
Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and unanimously approved.
Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

— Respectfully submitted by Amy Shojai