March Member Spotlight – Betty Sleep

I’m very excited to present our very first “Member Spotlight”. Each month, we’ll be featuring one lucky CWA member here on our blog. Our “Member Spotlight” will give us all the chance to meet our fellow CWA members and hear how they got where they are today and what they’re up to now. This month, Betty Sleep was the winner of our random drawing. So, I’ll let Betty take it from here.

Betty Sleep – CWA’s Spotlighted Member for March, 2014

Betty channels her inner Barbara Cartland
Betty channels her inner Barbara Cartland

My writing career can be largely blamed on two teachers who were the first people to encourage me to dream. Mrs. Young pulled me out of the Grade Six lineup at a school assembly and introduced me to one of the District supervisors, and said “This is Betty. She’s going to be a writer someday.” And by gosh, she was right!


Cecil Porter was one of those long suffering and least appreciated individuals: the high school English teacher. But if you had a desire to achieve, or the least spark of initiative and creativity, he was there to challenge, encourage, and help you find a way to express yourself.

From freelancing articles, I moved on to copywriting at a tv station. And while there was little scope to exercise your talents in 30 and sometimes 10 second bites, it was a memorable time for the parodies of our commercials, which I wrote on the side. Because you see, I’d always had a sense of humour. I just hadn’t found a way to let it out. One day an editor from the newspaper across the street scowled at me and said “Why are you writing commercial crap when you can do so much better?” Lo and behold, he was right too.


One of the best pieces of advice I ever received, was from Dan Ross, the prolific Canadian novelist. He said “write what you know.” So I asked myself, what did I know? Really?

I knew about children and animals. No matter which one you’re working with, it’s good training for the other. I’m lucky enough to have done both. The unfettered joie de vivre of children and the character appeal of pets is what led me eventually to writing the Purrlock Holmes novels for middle grade students.

As a retired breeder/exhibitor of Golden Retrievers, and a breeder/exhibitor of Birman cats for nearly 20 years, I had a paw on the pulse of family pets. And as a mother, I sometimes had a paw on the child. When I could catch him. Then there was the sense of humour, which even serial hairball chucking and middle of the night projectile vomiting by the child didn’t quite manage to squelch.

The "real" Purrlock Holmes relaxes in his Victorian parlor  cage set-up while greeting fans at a local cat show.
The “real” Purrlock Holmes relaxes in his Victorian parlor
cage set-up while greeting fans at a local cat show.

But no writer emerges from a chrysalis one day to spread their wings and soar into the wonderful world of publishing all by themselves. It takes nurturing, like I was fortunate enough to receive from my teachers. It takes knowledge that comes to you through experience and exploration. Inspiration and support are essential, and much of that can be found in a community like the Cat Writers Association. All of this is fuel when set to the wick of your creativity.

Betty Sleep’s first Purrlock Holmes novel “The Case of the Vanishing Valuables” won the CWA Muse Medallion for young adult fiction, and the second book “The Case of the Missing Treasure” won a Muse Medallion for artwork and cover design. She lives in New Brunswick, Canada with an assortment of Birman cats, and a blind Golden Retriever whose exploits fill her blog, The Grady Report.

CWA Mourns the Loss of Marion Lane

All of us here at CWA are in shock, trying to deal with the loss of one of our own. Marion Lane, long time CWA supporter and animal advocate, has left this world. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

This is what Amy Shojai said in her blog earlier today about Marion:

“Marion Lane was a gifted writer, passionate pet advocate, brilliant editor and mentor to writers both new and established. I first met Marion when she worked at the ASPCA, and I was honored to write for her when she served as editor of the award-winning ASPCA magazine. She also authored two books, Heritage of Care: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and The Humane Society of the United States Complete Guide to Dog Care: Everything You Need to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy.

Amy shares more of her memories of Marion in her blog: Marion Lane, Retired Person – A New Star Is Born. For those of you who knew Marion, please feel free to share a memory either here or on Amy’s blog.

Marion’s close friend Andrey Pavio adds “If you would like to honor Marion’s memory, please consider making a donation to the ASPCA in her name. Marion was a former editor at the A, and was a strong believer in their work for animals.”

The 2014 Cat Writers’ Calendar for the Special Days, Weeks, and Months Devoted to Feline Care and Awareness

There are 365 days in the year and it seems like almost all of them have been claimed for some sort of awareness day, week, or month for one reason or another. A great many of them are related to our beloved feline friends and that got me to thinking of the collective power we have as communicators to speak on their behalf to make the world a better place for them. Whether radio, blogs, columns, websites, magazines, art, photographs, or more, we have the ability to educate and inform growing audiences that might not know otherwise, about important causes and issues that have national recognition.

Even though I am over a month late in relaying the dates (apologies – the idea of sharing them literally just popped into my head) we still have most of the year ahead of us so please use this schedule as a resource and mark your calendars for those events that you feel you might want share with your audience. These events are your time to really shine and make a difference – whether being asked to speak as an expert on a radio show for National Pet First Aid Awareness Month in April or participating in some sort of promotion to help dispel the myths about black cats for National Black Cat Day on November 17th – be creative and do your best to pull out all the talents that you have!

Please be aware as well that this calendar is subject to change – there were some discrepancies in dates and I will revise them if necessary. If I have missed something, or there is something that should be added, please do not hesitate to add a note in the comment section.


January 2: National Pet Travel Safety Day.

January 22: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

January 24: Change a Pet’s Life Day.


American Heart Month

National Spay/Neuter Month (HSUS).

National Prevent a Litter Month.

Responsible Animal Guardian Month.

Pet Dental Health Month (AVMA).

Responsible Pet Owners Month.

February 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day (Last Chance for Animals).

February 16 – 22: National Justice for Animals Week.

February 20: Love Your Pet Day.

February 22: Spay Day (Doris Day Animal Foundation).

February 25: World Spay Day (Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States – held the last Tuesday of February).


Poison Prevention Awareness Month.

March 2 – 8: National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

March 6 – 12: National Pet Sitters Week.

March 16 – 22: National Poison Prevention Week.

March 16 – 22: National Flood Safety Awareness Week.


Animal Cruelty Prevention Month (ASPCA).

National Heartworm Awareness Month (American Heartworm Society)

National Pet Month.

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month  (Created by the American Red Cross to draw attention to the need to know specialized pet first aid).

April 11: National Pet Day. (Animal Miracle Network).

April 6 – 13: National Volunteer Week.

April 13 – 19: National Animal Control Appreciation Week.

April 17 – 23: Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week (HSUS)

April 20 – 26: National Pet ID Week.

April 18: Pet Owners Independence Day.

April 25: Hairball Awareness Day.

April 26: World Veterinary Day (World Veterinary Association)

April 26: National Kids & Pets Day (Animal Miracle Network).


Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month (Sponsored by Pet Cancer Awareness and the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research).

Chip Your Pet Month (Home Again Pet ID).

May 3: National Disabled Pets Day.

May 4 – 10: Be Kind to Animals Week (AHA).

May 4-10: National Pet Week (AVMA).

May 10: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.

May 23: National Heat Awareness Day

May 27: Free Feral Cat Spay Day (Alley Cat Rescue).


National Pet Preparedness Month (Timed for the first month of hurricane season).

Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month (ASPCA).

Adpot-a-Cat Month (AHA).

June 1 – 7: Pet Appreciation Week.

June 4: Hug Your Cat Day.

June 10: World Pet Memorial Day.

June 19 – 25: Animal Rights Awareness Week.


July 4: While not a feline recognized holiday, please keep in mind that our cats (and all pets) can become highly traumatized during the 4th of July festivities. Keep your pet safely indoors and recognize the fact that they can panic or hide from the sounds that fireworks cause.

July 15: Pet Fire Safety Day.

July 21: National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day.


National Immunization Awareness Month.

Catalyst Council’s Happy Healthy Cat Month.

August 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

August 20: National Homeless Animal Day (International Society for Animal Rights).

August 22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day.

August 30: National Holistic Pet Day.


National Disaster Preparedness Month (Led by FEMA’s ReadyCampaign, Citizen Corps and The Advertising Council, this effort encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to work together and take action to prepare for disaster emergencies).

September 14: National Pet Memorial Day (International Association of Pet Cemeteries).

Last full week in September: Deaf Pet Awareness Week (

Sept. 28:World Rabies Day (Global Alliance for Rabies Control).


National Animal Safety and Protection Month (Emergency Animal Rescue Service).

National Pet Wellness Month.

October 4: World Animal Day.

October 6 – 12: Animal Welfare Week (AVMA).

October 9: National Pet Obesity Day.

October 12 – 18: National Veterinary Technician Week.

October 16: National Feral Cat Day (Alley Cat Allies).

October 29: National Cat Day.


National Pet Awareness Month.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month (ASPCA).

Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Pet Diabetes Month.

November 3 – 9: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (HSUS)

November 17: National Black Cat Day


No recognized awareness days in December, but this is a good time to share information on preventative safety measures for our cats during the holidays because many of the foods, plants, and decorations that are part of our festivities can be dangerous or even lethal to them.

10 Basic Tips to Generate Blog Traffic and Keep Your Readers Engaged


As the year winds down, as they say, out with the old and in with the new. This certainly applies to the Cat Writers’ Association as we move forward with a fresh and updated looking website that includes a blog. For many of us writers, a blog was nothing but a four letter word and not an entity to be taken seriously. Fast forward to today and nothing could be further from the truth. Blogs are a bona-fide mainstay method of communication that can be used in an engaging, informative, entertaining, or educational way to promote the health, happiness, and well-being of cats.

Blogs come in a range of writing styles – from cats writing as themselves in their own kitty language to serious blogs written by esteemed authors, veterinarians, and the like. The tendency towards loose structured content and the prevalent misuse of the English language in blogs is a topic in and of itself, but suffice it to say, if you do decide you want to join the minions of bloggers out there, it is serious business and requires time and dedication to make it work.

Much as we would like instant accolades for all the blood, sweat, and tears we put into a blog post, the reality is that unless you are willing to extend yourself, your primary readership will be a couple of family members, a few friends, and lots and lots of crickets. Frustrating and disillusioning to say the least. But all is not lost – with some basic guidelines and perseverance, you can write and maintain a popular and successful blog:

  1. The content needs to be compelling with a strong and grammatically correct headline. There are only so many ways to talk about spay/neuter, for example, so try to think of a new angle to entice people to read your article.
  2. Understand that it is not all about you. Don’t expect people to comment on your blog without taking the time to comment on theirs if they have one. Blogging is a social venue and proper etiquette deems it a two way street. Share posts that are relevant to your own readers on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Reciprocation goes a long way towards future success.
  3. Blogging is not a one-time writing assignment. It is a recurring commitment – depending on your schedule and type of blog, it could be anywhere from once a day to a couple times a week. Your readers will become accustomed to your schedule and to help keep them on track, it is a good idea to provide an email sign up for them so they can be notified of new posts.
  4. Use pictures. They can instantly can make a blog post more compelling and people are more inclined to share posts with pictures on Facebook and other social venues.
  5. Search Engine Optimization. It’s as simple as it sounds – when you write your post, make sure to include key words relevant to the topic in both the title and the content so that if someone is searching for information on how get rid of fleas, for example, your post will come up in their search and direct them to your blog if that’s what you wrote about.
  6. Blogs don’t just have to be about writing. Sharing videos in a post can often tell a story or offer solutions to a problem much more effectively than words and they are very popular with readers.
  7. Be creative and fun – we meet a lot of sponsors at the Cat Writers’ Conference and they love to have us blog about their products. As long as it does not interfere with any personal ethics you have on the product, see if you can offer a giveaway or host a contest – it is a great way to drive traffic and the sponsors appreciate the support.
  8. Take advantage of what you already do. If you are a published author or a contributing writer for a magazine or newspaper, don’t be shy about letting your readers know you have a blog. If they are already fans of yours, chances are high that they would happily follow you in a blog.
  9. Be yourself. There is nothing worse than a blog that doesn’t have a genuine voice and you will lose readers if they don’t believe in you. Good writing is a gift, skill, and talent. Use your blog to keep those skills sharp – your readers will keep coming back that way.
  10. Be the expert in your field – if your niche is cat behavior, then write the best posts you can about cat behavior. As members of the Cat Writers’ Association, blogging gives us an incredible opportunity to inform and educate large sectors of the population that we could have never reached years ago.

Bottom line – whatever type of blogger you are or decide to be, be proud of what you do and do it with the same integrity you would any writing assignment. We have the power to change the cat world as we know it with our blogs and if you build it, they will come…

CWA Social Media News & 2014 Conference


There are lots of new and wonderful things happening within the Cat Writers’ Association. Most of you are already aware of our new partnership with BarkWorld. For those of you who are not, from October 30 – November 1, 2014, in Atlanta, our 2014 annual conference will be held jointly with the BarkWorld Social Media and Blogging Pet Expo. We are proud to present BarkWorld and MeowWorld Presented by the Cat Writers’ Association.

We hope you will all join us next year. This joint conference promises to be our biggest event ever. Though the conference is still almost a year away, it’s not too early to start making your plans. We are able to offer great pricing, beginning at $29.00 for a full conference registration. But you have to stay up late (or get up early) to take advantage. Sale starts November 29 at 2:00AM and seating at this price is limited. Plan to register early. We’ll see you in Atlanta!

The conference is exciting news, right? But it doesn’t end there. CWA is growing quickly and we hope you’ll all join us in our new social media venues. We have a newly established Facebook page which is public and open to all. Don’t worry; our Facebook group is not going away either. You’ll still be able to discuss more private topics in the closed atmosphere of the previously existing group. However, the new public page gives us the opportunity to share our own accomplishments as well as those of our talented members with the world. We hope you’ll like the page and visit often. Feel free to post your own achievements and activities there as well.

On that same line, we are also reviving our Twitter account, which has been inactive for some time now. For the tweeters among you, come follow us and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and events.

As you can see, we also have a new blog associated with our website. We’ll be using this blog to keep you apprised of all the latest news and announcements. We invite you to subscribe to the blog via RSS or have new posts delivered directly to your email address.

None of this would be necessary without our brand new social media committee. I’d like to personally thank Janiss Garza, Layla Morgan Wilde, and Deb Barnes for stepping forward to coordinate all of our social media outreach. Thank you, ladies, for all your hard work! We couldn’t be in better hands. We look forward to welcoming Stephanie Harwin to the committee in the near future as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We here at CWA have a great deal to give thanks for, not the least of which are all of our purrific members and sponsors.

Lorie Huston, CWA president

A Message from Your (New) President


Hi CWA members.

I’m entering my third week as president already. The last two weeks have been busy ones, but productive. You’ll be hearing more about that over the coming weeks. Just to give you a peek, we have some changes in our requirements for membership application and a brand new social media committee being formed.

You’re probably already aware that we also have a purrific new website and new logo to go with it. We also have some great badges you can share on your own websites and blogs. Check them out on the “Members Badges” page of our website.

We have two very talented ladies to thank for our new logo and member badges. Debbie Glovatsky and Robin Olson put their heads and their talent together to purrfect them. I’d like to thank both of them for their contribution. The logo is a beautiful addition to our site and my own site proudly displays one of the badges. I hope all of you will take advantage and grab them for your sites also.

Our secretary, Wendy Christensen, has been hard at work also. She’s updated our member directory, providing us with a public version as well as a members only version in the form of a downloadable PDF file. The members version includes more private contact information not included on the public page, so that we can all keep in touch with one another easily. Thank you, Wendy, for all your hard work!

Thanks to the efforts of Layla Morgan Wilde, we also have a listing of all Muse Medallion and Special Awards winners, which is the very first post on our new blog. Thanks, Layla.

Speaking of our brand new website, we need to thank Dusty Rainbolt and Layla Morgan Wilde for that. Dusty got tired of waiting and took matters into her own hands. Combining their talents, together these two ladies created the beautiful new website you now see here. Thank you very much, Dusty and Layla.

We have a wonderful organization and there are lots of people that deserve thanks, not the least of which are all the people that played a role in making our recently concluded conference a big success. That includes the conference coordinators (Dusty Rainbolt and Su Ewing), all the volunteers that served on various committees and/or saw to it that things ran smoothly at the conference, and our very generous sponsors. Thanks all, and apologies to anyone I forgot.

Our council and committees will be busy over the coming weeks and months, planning next year’s conference and guiding CWA to even greater success. If any of you have suggestions or comments, I want to hear them. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thank you for being a CWA member!

2013 CWA Award Winners

CWA Muse-Medallions

CWA 2013 awards were presented at a gala evening on November, 2, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. The awards included special awards and the coveted Muse Medallions. For more details about the awards and past winners click on CWA contest

1) AAFP Cat Friendly Award. Sponsored by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) it is presented to the entry that best educates cat owners about the benefits of going to a Cat Friendly Practice. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative framed certificate.

The winner of the AAFP Cat Friendly Award is Dusty Rainbolt for “Cat Carrier” published at .

2) The ADOPT A HOMELESS CAT AWARD, sponsored by, is presented to the entry that best describes the plight of homeless or feral cats and/or the joy of cat adoption and/or improving the quality of life of cats in a shelter environment. The award consists of $500 and inclusion in the online library.

The winner is Allie Phillips for “The Hierarchy of Anti-Cruelty Laws: Prosecuting the Abuse of Stray and Feral Cats”. Tales of Justice, National District Attorneys Association’s Nation Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse, Vol. 2, Number 3, 2013.

3) The CEVA Human-Animal Bond Award, sponsored by CEVA, is presented to the entry that best reflects and promotes the strengthening of the human-animal bond, highlighting the bond between a cat and owner, as well as their relationship with their veterinarian as another direct caregiver. This award consists of $1000 award and commemorative certificate.

The winner is Cimeron Morrisey for “What’s One Week? Confessions of a Reluctant Foster Parent” Cat Fancy, October, 2012.

4) The Dr. Jim Richards Cornell Feline Health Center Veterinary Issues Award, sponsored by Cornell University’s Feline Health Center, is presented to the highest-quality entry on the topic of technological advances, research, new medical developments, or innovations in feline veterinary medicine. This award consists of $500.

The winner is Fran Pennock Shaw for “Life-Saving Science, Cat Fancy, January, 2013.

5) The Fancy Feast® Love Story Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the entrant whose work best captures the magic of the loving relationship between cats and their owners. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative award.

The winner is: Patricia Barey for Julia’s Cats: Julia Child’s Life in the Company of Cats.

6) The Friskies® Writer of the Year Award, sponsored by Purina, is for the writer who has done the most during the contest year to promote the welfare, health, and proper care of cats, which includes providing sensory stimulation to keep cats healthy and happy. This award is for “a body of work” and can include different publications during the contest period. This award consists of $500 and a cat figurine.

Deborah Barnes is the 2013 Friskies Writer of the Year Award.

7) The Hartz® Every Day Chewable Vitamin Award, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation, is given to the highest-quality entry on the topic of older cats. This award consists of $1000 and a commemorative plaque.

The winner is Nancy Peterson for “Better with Age: Finding Homes for Adult and Senior Cats.”

8) The Hartz® Glamour-Puss Award, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation, honors the best single entry on the topic of feline skin and coat care. This award consists of $1000 and a commemorative plaque.

Helen Jablonski is the winner for “Tame the Claws.” Cat Fancy, November, 2012.

9) The Hartz® Milk Replacement for Kittens Award, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation, is awarded to the best single article (published in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or professional online venue), or single radio or television broadcast on the topic of rescuing kittens.This award consists of $1000 and a commemorative plaque.

Cimeron Morrissey is the winner for “What’s One Week? Confessions of a Reluctant Foster Parent”. October 2012 Cat Fancy.

10) The “In the Spotlight” Award, sponsored by the Jacat Cattery, home of award-winning, pedigreed Japanese Bobtail Cats, is presented to the entry that best advances the protection, preservation and promotion of pedigreed cats and/or the pedigreed cat fancy.  This award consists of $500, a certificate, and a Maneki Neko.

The winner is Teresa Keiger for the brochure, “CFA-We’re Waiting for You”.

11) The Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award, sponsored by TICA, is awarded to the best single article or column (published in a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, or professional online venue) or single radio or television broadcast on the rescue and rehabilitation of cats or kittens from shelters or rescue groups for the purpose of adoption to forever homes. This commemorative award consists of a $500 and a plaque.

The winner is Cimeron Morrissey for “What’s One Week?: Confessions of a Reluctant Foster Parent” Cat Fancy, October, 2012.

12) Pro Plan® Pedigreed Cats Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the writer or creator of the best entry of the year that focuses on cat breeds, pedigreed cats, and professional breeder issues including (but not limited to) health, care, nutrition, and showing catsThis award consists of $500 and a commemorative bowl.

The winner is Andrea Dorn for “Harder Than It Looks”. CATCHANNEL.COM.

13) The PURINA® Cat Chow® Nutrition Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the best column or article (print or professionally published online), blog, or book entry on the subject of feline nutrition. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

The winner is Fran Pennock Shaw for “No Two Alike,” Cat Fancy, September, 2013.

14) The Purina® One® Health Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the outstanding single article (print or professionally published online) or blog reporting on feline health issues. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

Helen Jablonski is the winner for “Healthy Teeth for Life,” Cat Fancy, February, 2013.

15) The Purina® Kitten Chow® Kitten Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented to the author of the outstanding entry on caring for kittens. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

The winner is Helen Jablonski for “Loaded with Personality,” Cat Fancy, February, 2013.

16) The Sticky Paws® Training Award, sponsored by Pioneer Pets/Sticky Paws®, is presented for the best article or tape entry on training techniques. This award consists of $1000 and a commemorative certificate.

The Sticky Paws Training Award goes to Jacqueline Munera for “Foundation Behaviors Are Going to the Cats!” published in The ADPT Chronicle of the Dog, July/August, 2012.

17) The Tidy Cats® Feline Behavior Award, sponsored by Purina, is presented for the best entry on the subject of feline behavior. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

The winner is Jacqueline Munera for “Set up Cats in the Shelter for Success”, The ADPT Chronicle of the Dog, Spring, 2013.

18) The World’s Best Cat Litter-ary Award, sponsored by World’s Best Cat Litter®, is presented for the outstanding novel, short story, poem, or radio/television dramatic script which portrays cats and cat ownership in a positive way. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative pewter bowl.

The winner is Shirley Rousseau Murphy for Cats Bearing Gifts, HarperCollins, 2012.

19) The SHOJAI MENTOR AWARD, sponsored by past-president Amy D. Shojai, recognizes the CWA member who has offered guidance, encouraging counsel, support, or other help that has had a direct and positive influence on another’s writing/publishing success. This award consists of $500 and a commemorative item.

The winner is Darlene Arden and nominated by Layla Morgan Wilde.

20) The Michael Brim Distinguished Service Award, sponsored by CWA, honors extraordinary achievement and communications excellence. It recognizes the person who, by word, deed, public communication and professional excellence, best promotes the ideals, mission and best interest of the Cat Writers Association. The honoree shall receive $500 and his or her name engraved on a permanent commemorative plaque (at the offices of the Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation).

The winner is Nancy Marano.

21) The KUYKENDALL IMAGE AWARD is sponsored by CWA, and is presented to the outstanding “image” entry featuring cats – whether photography, illustration, or graphic art. This award consists of $250 and a commemorative item.

The winning entry is “Spirit” by Cori Solomon.

22) The CWA President’s Award, sponsored by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, is presented to the best entry among all Muse Medallion™ winners in the regular contest categories. This “Best of the Best” requires no additional copies be submitted of entries. Muse Medallion™ winners shall be automatically entered and considered for the honor. This award consists of $250 and a commemorative item.

The winner is Bernadette Kazmarski for her artwork “Cats After Van Gogh”.

Muse Medallions


Monthly National Magazine winner is Susan Logan, editor for Cat Fancy

Magazine Article – Health & General Care winner is Arna Cohen for “Junk in the Trunk: Help Your Fat Cat Dump His Spare Tire” published in All Animals.

Magazine Article – Behavior & Training winner is Debbie Swanson for “Your Cat’s Amazing Senses” appearing in Cats USA.

Magazine Article –winner is Helen Jablonski for “Last Chance for Love” – Cat Fancy.

There was a tie in the category of Magazine Article – Any Other Topic. The winners are Helen Jablonski for “Loaded with Personality” in Cat Fancy and Sandy Robins for “Nurture True Nature” also in Cat Fancy.

Magazine Column winner is Cimeron Morrissey for “Cat Champions” in Cat Fancy.

Newspaper Article – Health & General Care winner is Fran Pennock Shaw for “Just More of Me to Love?” – Intelligencer Journal / Lancaster New Era.

Newspaper Column winner is Marci Kladnik for her column “Catalyst for Cats” in the Santa Ynez Valley News.

Newsletter – Regional or Membership Circulation winner is Cimeron Morrissey for Cat Tales.

Newsletter Article – Health & General Care winner is Arnold Plotnick for “Research for Cats with CKD” – Catnip

Newsletter Article – Any Other Topic winner is Allie Phillips for “The Hierarchy of Anti-Cruelty Laws: Prosecuting the Abuse of Stray and Feral Cats” in National District Attorneys Association.

Newsletter Column winner is Lyn Garson for “Technically Speaking” in Our Companions News.

Miscellaneous Section in the Short Story Category. winner is Beverly Freed “A Cat Out of Time” in the Mystical Cat, Dusty Rainbolt editor.

Poem category winner is Betsy Stowe for “Empty Nest” in Meow.

Humor category winner is Lisa-Maria Padilla for “Abyssinian Corporate Promotional Service” in Cat Talk Magazine.

Opinion Piece, Essay or Editorial category winner is Marci Kladnik for “What Should You Believe About Feral Cats?” published in Santa Ynez Valley News.

BOOKS: Fiction winner is David Michie for The Dalai Lama’s Cat.

Behavior & Training book winner is Amy Shojai for ComPETability: Solving Behavior problems in Your Multi-Cat Household, Cool Gus Publishing.

Books – Other Topics winner is Patricia Barey for Julia’s Cats.

Online Article – Health & General winner is JaneA Kelley for “8 Ways to Make Your Senior Cat’s Golden Years Comfortable” on

Online Article – Behavior & Training winner is Sandy Robins for “Ask the Cat Expert: Morning Mealtime Behavior” on

Online Article – Rescue winner is Cimeron Morrissey for “Project Bay Cat Helps San Francisco Bay’s Rock-Dwelling Kitties” at

Online Article – Any Other Topic winner is Sandy Robins for “Paws for a Cause: Feral Cats” in

Online Column, winner is Angie Bailey for “Kids, Cats, Chaos!” on

Blog: Educational, winner is JaneA Kelley– Paws and Effect

Blog: Entertainment winner is Bernadette Kazmarski of “The Creative Cat”.

Black & White Photograph (Single), winner is Layla Morgan Wilde for “Snow Cat” on

Black & White Photography (Series), winner is Debbie Glovatsky for “Kitty Love for our US Marines” on

Color Photograph (Single), winner is Marci Kladnik for “Ready to Strike” appearing in the Catalyst for Cats Newsletter.

Color Photograph (Series) winner is Debbie Glovatsky  for “Cat-in-the-Bag Recipe” on

Cartoons, winner is Stephanie Piro for “Foster Mom” in King Features.

Illustration (Series) winner is Bernadette Kazmarski for “Cats After Van Gogh”.